CVICU vs TSICU for new grad.

by platanos04 (New) New Student

Specializes in ICU.

Both are level 1 trauma centers.

First position is for the Trauma Surgical ICU in the "community" hospital which is also a teaching hospital that takes all the uninsured patients, gunshots, stabbings, prisoners etc. I have done my clinicals there and personally love it.

Second position is at a hospital across the street for the CVICU. Still a level 1 trauma center and is bigger overall due to being private. They have flight program and take majority of traumas in the city. This location pays 2-3$ more per hour.

Just wondering if you all think I should take second position due to slightly higher pay or should I follow my heart. I am beginning my career and honestly when I started out as a ER Tech, trauma ICU was the goal once finishing nursing school. I learned about CVICU and how it can help for CRNA and decided Id like to do it as well but Trauma ICU is what has always been my interest. However, CVICU also seems great... This 2-3 dollar difference in pay is what is keeping me on the fence. What do you all think?