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  1. Swan Ganz Catheters

    Would you ever see a Swan Ganz catheter outside of the ICU? Like on a med surg floor?
  2. Impella

    Is that wrong to give Lopressor to a patient on an Impella with systolics in the 140s and PA pressures in the 50s with a HR of 74?
  3. Bedside Safety Checks in the ICU

    What do you include in your bedside safety checks in the ICU? For example. Make sure there is suction, Ambu bag, check alarm parameters, etc
  4. Floating

    Do per diem CNAs always float before 32 hour CNAs? Or do you take turns?
  5. A RN With CNA experience

    Can you tell the difference if an RN has worked previously as a. CNA?
  6. Fairfield

    Does Fairfield University’s BSN program have a good reputation?
  7. Working at my Mom’s Hospital

    Hi! My mom is a nurse manager of outpatient units. Fortunately, I was able to get a job of a student nurse in the inpatient areas for the Summer. Our commute is an hour, so I usually go in with her in the mornings and until late afternoon but we work...
  8. I am going to be a brand new CNA this Summer. I have a very small frame, and I struggle with positioning and ambulating patients by myself.. I physically cant do it. For example, I really struggle to clean patients. I am scared that I won't have anyo...
  9. Phlebotomist vs. IV nurse

    Whats the difference between an IV nurse and a phlebotomist?
  10. Would you rather work in an inpatient ICU or an outpatient infusion suite as a student nurse assistant?
  11. Pedi Clinical

    My school’s pediatric clinical rotation is 4 in hospital rotations & 2 simulation experiences. Does that seem like enough experience for an entire semester? It is essentially 1/2 the semester
  12. Enough Clinical Time?

    My school has us do 6 weeks of simulation and 6 weeks in the actual clinical setting at a hospital for medical surgical nursing. Therefore, 6 days are spent in the simulation lab on campus and 6 days are spent off campus at a hospital. Do you think i...
  13. Bedpans

    Any tips on how to put a patient on a bedpan?
  14. Bed Bath

    How do you give a bed bath? I just seem so incapable and incompetent in doing one. Are these routinely done in the hospital or only long term care?
  15. Hired as PCT but only have CNA experience?

    How do you give a bed bath? I always seem so incompetent. Are they done routinely in the hospital setting or only in long term care?