Order of taking prerequisites question

by katrina190223 (New) New Student

I have to take the following:

BIO Microbiology
BIO  Human Anatomy w/ Lab 
BIO  General Human Physiology w/ Lab
MATH Elementary Statistics

What order do you think would be best for me to take this? I can take one class at a time as I have plenty of time to work with prior to my nursing school projected start date. If you had a choice which order would you do?

Thanks for the input.


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Hi Katrina, 

I personally saved my Science prerequisites to be done last in the following order: Anatomy, Physiology and ended it with Microbiology. Just to let you know, while I was taking my Physio class, my professor suggested that he thought it was better to take Micro before Physio because how extensive Microbiology covered cellular biology, virus and microbes. I received 2As and a B in my Science prerequisites🙂🙌🏼.  I took my math class before I started on my Science classes. Good luck with everything, you got this!🙂


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I took them in the same order.  The sciences won't really be affected by the stats.  Micro before anatomy and physiology is a good idea for the reason stated, and in anatomy, you'll touch on physio as a matter of necessity, so when you take physiology, you'll already be familiar with the structures.  One class at a time allows you to get as high a grade as possible, increasing that GPA if your school uses it as points toward admission. 

Hi! I took anatomy and statistics together, then physiology and ended with micro. This worked well for me and I just followed the pre req schedule for my school. Straight As so far! Good luck!