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  1. Yeah, it seems like she just ignored the warning. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. 🙄
  2. https://www.mainstreet-nashville.com/townnews/criminal_law/trial-for-ex-vanderbilt-nurse-radonda-vaught-accused-of-fatal-drug-error-to-start-this/article_995c0344-9a53-11ec-a5c6-5bb08bad8ef0.html Read the last paragraph.
  3. Wuzzie

    Just new started job but received better offer?

    Have you done this type of commute for any significant amount of time?
  4. Wuzzie

    PICC Line Dressing change

    I think you’ve got the concept but your wording is still not quite correct and this could prove troublesome in the future. The insertion site is where the PICC enters the skin. I think that is what you are referring to as the “needle”. You pull the d...
  5. I'm the person at the staff meeting who says out loud what everyone else is thinking but are too chicken to say it.
  6. Wuzzie

    RNs Replacing Registered Respiratory Therapists?

    The covering person should have taken over assisting in the intubation and the RRT should have gone to the bedside. What you have going on sounds nuts.
  7. Wuzzie

    RNs Replacing Registered Respiratory Therapists?

    If training the RNs/LVNs to do the simpler tasks like nebulizers and suctioning allows the RRT to do the part of their job that we cannot do because we lack the education then I see no problem with it. Your situation proves that. Anybody can assist w...
  8. Wuzzie

    PICC Line Dressing change

    Even in this video they are removing it toward the insertion site. Maybe you are confused with the wording. In your first post you said to "pull away from the insertion site" but now you are saying in the direction the line is going. Two very differe...
  9. I haven't seen "smaller is better" necessarily but rather put in the smallest size appropriate for the job. I think that's to counteract the "go big or go home" mentality which isn't any better. I think your 20 gauge is completely reasonable for 99% ...
  10. Well, that’s the title of the thread soooo. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. Wuzzie

    Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    I screwed up badly and switched from the private sector to the public sector with 22 years in. I wasn’t told at the time I could opt out of the pension program and remain in SS. I’m 56 (almost 57)and have to work a minimum of 20 years for my pension....
  12. Wuzzie

    PICC Line Dressing change

    I didn’t look at the video. Thank you for pointing that out. LMAO. Also the line in the video isn’t even a PICC line.
  13. Wuzzie

    PICC Line Dressing change

    Never pulled out one but have replaced many pulled out by ED nurses who think they know more than the people who put them in. Do you place PICCS? If not, why are you even arguing with me? It makes no sense. Also, resulting to insults is telling. At ...
  14. Wuzzie

    PICC Line Dressing change

    Proves nothing. Again this is what I do for a living. Have a nice day.
  15. Wuzzie

    PICC Line Dressing change

    First, not a dude. Second, this is what I do for a living.