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Ruby Vee has 40 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CCU, SICU, CVSICU, Precepting & Teaching.

Ruby Vee has roughly four decades of nursing experience, primarily in ICU.  She has worked on the east coast, on the west coast and in the midwest.  

Original Member of the Crusty Old Bat Society,

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  1. Ruby Vee

    The Wage Gap Myth

    It seems pretty clear that the wage gap is not a myth. It seems pretty clear that the wage gap is not a myth. The men (and it seems to be mostly men) are arguing that there is no such thing as a wage gap, and anyway a wage gap is justified b...
  2. Ruby Vee

    The Wage Gap Myth

    And another thing, because I'm still too angry to sleep . . . A male claiming that there is no patriarchy or misogyny is a lot like a white police officer telling a Black citizen that there is no such thing as racism. But why would you s...
  3. Ruby Vee

    The Wage Gap Myth

    I know for a fact -- because I've seen the pay stubs -- that I, a female nurse was paid less PER HOUR than men who had less education, less experience, less experience in the specialty and had not been published as I had been. When raises are awarde...
  4. Ruby Vee

    Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    I retired once. Sold my house and almost everything I owned and moved aboard a 36 foot sailboat with plans to sail around the world. Literally. I had the charts and a plan for a Tradewinds circumnavigation. I also had a husband who insisted over a...
  5. Ruby Vee

    When answering the call... light, that is.

    I answered a call light years ago when I was working in the MICU. The patient wanted to tell me that a UFO was landing in our parking lot, and the "little green men" had hovered outside his window staring at him. It was a windy night, and the M...
  6. Ruby Vee

    The Wage Gap Myth

    Wish I could "Like" this a few hundred times.
  7. Ruby Vee

    Burnt out from working night shift

    The right thing to do is to work those shifts you've already got scheduled. You aren't screwing over your manager if you don't -- do you honestly think she's going to get out of her cozy recliner and haul herself into work to cover your shifts? You...
  8. Ruby Vee

    I Know What Abuse Is; I Have Lived Through It

    And I'd like to have a new collection of coffee mugs . . . but I have a new home, some furniture, a car and a job. I'm getting there!
  9. Ruby Vee

    Hard Decision

    I have to agree with previous posters. With 1.5 years of ICU experience, you don't know what you don't know. You're certainly not qualified to work in a high acuity ICU, although step-down would be a possibility. Take the offer and stay at your pr...
  10. Ruby Vee

    Hole In My Glove!

    Don't be silly, Davey. Everyone knows aliens have three fingers.
  11. Ruby Vee

    New nurse, just told to find another unit

    Is it possible to transfer out of the float pool and into one specific unit? Float pool jobs are more for experienced nurses; it's an awful place for a new grad. You need a consistent patient population, consistent environment and preceptor. Thi...
  12. Ruby Vee

    Hole In My Glove!

    With the pandemic comes a loss of quality control in the manufacture of gloves. It is rare these days not to get a hole in your glove multiple times a shift. Often, a glove tears completely when I'm putting it on. The thing it reminds me of is bac...
  13. I'm sure almost everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. But did you know it is also Domestic Abuse Awareness month? Yes, October has passed, however, we must be aware of both of these throughout the year. I’ve had breast cance...
  14. Ruby Vee

    If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    "Yes, I'm sure you miss your wife. But your lips are blue, your oxygen saturation is south of 80% and you're having all sorts of ectopy. Hang up the danged phone and put your BiPAP back on!" "I'm not here to pose for your pictures -- put the ...
  15. Ruby Vee

    The Wage Gap Myth

    These problems haven't been fixed. It was sexism, it was not fair, and these problems still have not been fixed. I've been a nurse for decades; I've been married to two nurses. I saw the pay stubs, the hourly rates. I had more experience, more ed...