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Cclm has 4 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LPN/Pallative Hospice.

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  1. January 6 Select Committee

    No. It was not related to the bear spray. The only thing could have been was a increase of blood pressure. Probably from being in a stressful situation. Could have been anything. But keep pushing the narrative. People will still believe it. It'...
  2. January 6 Select Committee

    Well, you kinda admitted it, " "Yes, when behavior and attitudes are reminiscent of 20th century fascists, that might get mentioned by members. I still think that Session's zero tolerance policy that considered permanent family se...
  3. January 6 Select Committee

    Here's some more. Now how can you...
  4. January 6 Select Committee

    I think I posted evidence that this did get blown up and misrepresented. And you seem to not like it. This isn't the only example either. Even sources you, the propaganda detector and decider believe to be reputable. Including the tool you referenced...
  5. January 6 Select Committee

    Maybe because half of the country voted for him and he was the POTUS???
  6. January 6 Select Committee

    I do not call people Nazis like you do. All In attempt to silence a person using the death of 6 million Jewish people to do it. Sounds kinda evil don't ya think?
  7. January 6 Select Committee

    What are you even þalking about? What facts contradict my claims? That the media completely falsified this claim about the police officer who actually wasn't beat to death by "Trump inserectionist"? I mean it wasn't even just a slight deviation from ...
  8. January 6 Select Committee

    This is why I do not believe much about Jan.6. The total dishonesty of these "journalist" media is utterly despicable. Want to know why peop...
  9. January 6 Select Committee

    Yes. I'm glad there is an inquiry into it. No. I think a bunch of dumb people got all worked up and did a horrible thing. Do I think It was some super covert mission to overthrow the US government?Or Trump's evil plan? Bahahaha. NO.
  10. January 6 Select Committee

    Yes! I have! A few times!! I was being hyperbolic none the less the terms have been thrown around which actually is an insult to the victims of these disgusting humans. However, Trump pr his supporters do not deserve that title regardless if anyone l...
  11. January 6 Select Committee

    I didn't. I thought you were referring to the American Flag. There was a Canadian flag there as well. No. I do not particularly that that secession flag. Group of losers.
  12. January 6 Select Committee

    No. Any believe that a particular person with a certain skin color is either inheritley racist or of a skin color that absolves them from being racist is flawed. Anything that uses skin color to deflect or assign guilt by virtue of skin color is flaw...
  13. January 6 Select Committee

    Correction. I thought member TMB was talking about Islamic terrorist group not Nation of Islam. My edit function expired. But my question to TMB stands. Would you be just as offended and outraged if the Nation of Islam was the ones storming the...
  14. January 6 Select Committee

    Even if I did misunderstand the cause of death of Officer Sicknick (I did not) the way it was reported was that he was beaten by far right evil Trump supporting nazis. More left media lies. Don't even pretend to be truthful. Get it out there, even if...
  15. January 6 Select Committee

    There is BLM in Canada. It's interesting that you mention I live in Canada so often as it somehow discredits my opinion. Do you actively discriminate against ones nationality? Besides, you live in Alaska, I live on the border so I'm closer than you a...