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Brenda F. Johnson has 30 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Gastrointestinal Nursing.

After three years on a Med/Surg floor, I transferred to an outpatient setting. I was interested in a normal schedule, but little did I know I would find my niche in GI nursing. I love GI nursing because every day is a learning experience. My passion for writing led me back to school to get my degree in creative writing. Most of my writing prior to allnurses was creative non-fiction and poetry. Writing for the online magazine is great, allowing me to combine my love of nursing and writing. It is a dream come true!

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  1. Mary Seacole, Harriet Tubman, Adah Belle Thomas; these are only three of the many Black nurses that spent their lives in service. They paved the way, changing lives and their community for the better. Most of us have heard of one or more of these am...
  2. Increased Rates in Younger People Colon cancer rates have decreased over the past years in the older demographic because of increased screenings. However, there has been an upward trend in younger people being diagnosed with colon cancer. I work ...
  3. Thank you for your input, and the links!
  4. Black History Month Inception The inception of Black History month was in 1915 by Carter G. Woodson and Jesse E. Moorland with the formation of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. It wasn’t until 1926 that Woodson began the a...
  5. Oscar steadied himself on the large gray stone beside his barn. Breathing heavily, he cursed at everything and nothing. Turning, he sat down on the stone and tried to catch his breath. The dizziness had become more frequent, preceded by tightness in ...
  6. Brenda F. Johnson

    Microvascular Thrombosis in the Bowel- Is There a Covid Connection?

    This article was focusing on the micro vascular aspect on colon health. As a GI nurse, I am seeing the ICU patients having severe problems that lead to ischemia
  7. Brenda F. Johnson

    Microvascular Thrombosis in the Bowel- Is There a Covid Connection?

    Very interesting, and I'm sorry about your relative. My sister just went on a vent today. She is very compromised, so I don't expect her to live very long
  8. The past two years have changed our world in many ways. We have seen unsuspecting patients, family, and friends get sick, and sometimes die from Covid. The long-term effects of this virus have yet to be seen. With my job in the GI lab, I am abl...
  9. Brenda F. Johnson

    How Has Covid Affected Nursing?

    Nurses have a larger portion of burnout than other professions which can lead to patient care issues. Some of the prominent contributing factors for nurse burnout are: lack of supplies necessary to do their job, psychological effects of taking care o...
  10. What is Artificial Intelligence? We all know the concept of Artificial Intelligence, and understand the use it has in our lives. Whether you appreciate it or not, it is here to stay and will only continue to weave it’s way into human life. There ...
  11. Brenda F. Johnson

    Over 70% of Nurse Staff Turnover is Due to Bad Leadership

    Thank you for your comments. I couldn't agree more
  12. The evolution of nurses day or nurses week took many years to become official. The first official attempt was in 1953 when Dorothy Sutherland of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare proposed a “Nurses Day” to President Eisenhower. She...
  13. Brenda F. Johnson

    Medical Research: How Valid Is It?

    What is Valid Research? We use peer-reviewed research articles to base our nursing practice on, and it’s called Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). Peer-reviewed means that scholarly experts in the subject have analyzed the information for validity. ...
  14. Our bodies are immensely complicated from head to toe. We go about our daily lives without having to think about how our eyes adjust to different lighting, or how our digestive system allows us to taste, swallow, and digest food. We are fearfully and...
  15. Brenda F. Johnson

    I Did It! I Earned My Master’s in Nursing Informatics

    Informatics is not about automation, it's about streamlining computer programs so that they are more efficient