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Leader25 has 39 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

"Success is not final,failure is not fatal,all that matters is to keep trying". Sir Winston Churchill

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  1. Just hate going out,nothing good out there,,feels like PTSD.
  2. Please don't moisten the wash rag by rubbing the bottom of sink basin and use on the patient. Please don't leave your phlegm filled full suction canister for next shift. Please take your dirty work shoes off the chair we have to sit on. ...
  3. Self reflection :have you visited/worked in hospitals that have no profit,no donations,no funds??Have you examined their equipment,supplies,continuing education,certification classes.Medical staff education ,certifications,mal practice insurance? ...
  4. Leader25

    ...Was I being insensitive??

    To answer your question,no you were not insensitive.The recruiter is at fault for not being clear in hiring practice or as many like to say "transparent".The travel nurse is still unwell from her loss and needs to step off the travel merry go round u...
  5. Leader25

    Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    By the time you are ready for the old age home or in popular culture called "retirement",you will realize that money does make the world go round.Hopefully your student loans are paid off by then ,the difference between cat food or steak for dinner.I...
  6. Leader25

    I dont speak spanish

    I think Philippines has English BSN.
  7. Leader25

    How do I deal with these rude family members?

    Truly devastating situation,the family must be so sad and angry.I don't know how my family would be in such a circumstance. This nip in the bud route will only antagonize a family that is already grieving.Be clear with management that you nee...
  8. Leader25

    Hospitals with postpartum unit

    Good question but not sure if anyone is immune from forced crosstraining.We once had a contract with clause of cross training only on a voluntary basis so they ramped up the floating and violated the floating terms even though grievances were filed.
  9. Leader25

    New Grad Feeling Hopeless

    Look at your response,pick one and only one.Either you deal with the stress and live to be a nurse another year OR you put yourself in trial by fire trying to acquire NEW skills,.....You havent even used all your nursing school skills yet ,so why st...
  10. Leader25

    stress interview question

    Well there is your honest answer,I guess they are planning on stressing you,beware.
  11. Leader25

    Severe Depression In Career Choice

    I feel your pain,but you are doing the best thing by trying out different roles being an agency nurse.The grateful patients and families are scares ,don't hold your breath.Many go thru a find your fav place to work transition and it is trial and erro...
  12. Leader25

    Nurse Licensure Compact

    keep us posted
  13. Leader25

    Geriatric Care Research

    Not a geriatric RN but had some caring for elderly family in Texas,fairly recently you could send me questions.There was RN and a home care tech,PT was involved too.
  14. As James Bond said ,:"Shocking ,positively shocking."
  15. I see you are struggling,life is hard.While being on time does not make you the best nurse,being late is a cry fo help. Only you can take care of you.It is a tough choice,you are probably depressed and waiting til the last minute to get going gives y...