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  1. K. Everly

    Scrub jacket to match Figs scrubs?

    I don't own any figs so I can't speak to that. But my scrub jacket is not the same brand as any of my scrubs, just the same color. I went with the jacket that would be the warmest and most comfortable and it just so happened that I didn't like the ma...
  2. K. Everly

    Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    I show up to my shifts for my patients, not just the money. I chose nursing because I feel called to it, and I love to serve others and nurture them. I work for money and don't just volunteer because I need money to survive and I also want to enjoy m...
  3. K. Everly


    I am so very sorry! Please do make a police report and get all your medical records. If this were to come back on you, you’d have a good paper trail to confirm that you did not take drugs and instead were drugged, which is just so upsetting.
  4. K. Everly

    Who says Santa can't help you get a NICU job?

    It’s such a good market for job seekers right now that one of the girls in my new grad residency got a NICU job right out of the gate! There was only one but two wanted it.
  5. K. Everly

    The Physical and Emotional Demands of Being a Burn Nurse

    Wow. This sounds like one of the most emotional floors I could ever imagine working on. When you mentioned extubating a pt and seeing them be told their family member or pet died crushed me. Thank you for all you do! Brings a tear to my eye.
  6. LOL I gave that up after we had our badge pictures taken on day 2. My picture still turned out stupid! I feel like I'm going to see a lot less scrub caps on acute rehab that I am on other units but I'm going to wear my caps anyways. I love them....
  7. Few things. 1) Context is king. A coworker, in person, approached him in the elevator and had a melt down. That is very different than someone coming onto a forum of opinionated people and expected just to simply vent and not get any actual resp...
  8. You are right in a lot of this. The behavior of the coworker was unprofessional and weird at best, and baiting and retaliatory at worst. I think part of the reason you are seeing people giving the suggestions they are is because a pattern has e...
  9. K. Everly

    Is my nursing instructor bullying me?

    Administration is FAILING in this situation. If you are a one-party consent state (meaning you don't need the other person's permission to record them) I might record her on my phone being awful to me (in a way that doesn't violate HIPAA). I believe ...
  10. K. Everly

    HPRP help

    I would contact a licensing defense lawyer ASAP. I found mine on the https://taana.org website. I have recommended my lawyer to a few others and we've all been pleased with her assistance even tho she is a ball buster, for lack of a more politically ...
  11. K. Everly

    Is my nursing instructor bullying me?

    Report this ASAP. She is being abusive and demeaning.
  12. K. Everly

    Previous Nurse Leaves A To-Do List For Me

    Any time they spent writing a list could be better spent on the grind actually DOING the things on it. Girl bye ✌
  13. K. Everly

    Need advice. Stressed out!

    Thinking of you, Suzie. I'm so sorry for the loss of your parent as well! I'm a new grad in a residency and I was just given my permanent unit placement. We "bid" on units with openings and hoped for the best. I had been training on ortho med-s...
  14. You could be right. Curious, does it take you the same amount of time to say these two phrases? “Wow, that sounds like so much stress you’re under right now. I don’t have any advice, but I’m sure you can trust your gut. I’m so sorry but I...
  15. K. Everly

    I don't think I'm cut out for nursing

    Nursing is such a vast field. Not all of it is acute care. There is definitely a place out there for you if nursing still feels like a calling! Personally, I am headed onto an acute rehab floor (working primarily with neuro pts) as a new grad an...