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  1. Nurse Practitioner with Felony?

    I am a practicing RN. I have a DWI Felony conviction. I am thinking about going back to school for NP but I don't know if I would be get denied by board in Florida for my conviction. Any advice? helpful thoughts? Thanks
  2. I am looking for recommendations for an online program for PMHNP. Thank you in advance!
  3. September 2019 Caption Contest

    Nurse, now I'll need the bedpan!
  4. September 2019 Caption Contest

    Now I definitely need the bedpan!
  5. September 2019 Caption Contest

    The Pharmaceutical Rep convention is down the hall!
  6. September 2019 Caption Contest

    Alright, I promise, no more call bell!
  7. FLORIDA - Self Reporting to BON

    I self-reported a DWI to the Florida BON. I called a couple of times to check the status of my case. The BON hasn't returned my call and the status of my license is still active. I find this odd. Anyone have a similar experience? It's been a few mont...
  8. Resume Advice Needed

    Thank you
  9. Resume Advice Needed

    Where can I see contemporary samples of RN resumes? Is there a website or link you can share? Thank you in advance. My resume is a bit outdated.
  10. What is Abandonment?

    Is being a No Show / No Call abandonment? If a nurse simply fails to show up to work for a period of time?
  11. I see a BSN is needed to work in major hospitals within New York City. Does this hold true across the nation, for every state? If not, do you think it's definitely headed in that direction?
  12. Termination reported to BON?

    It's a no-show, no-call. Thanks for your response. When you renew a license is there a question to the effect of , "have you been terminated / faced disciplinary action....?"
  13. Termination reported to BON?

    I am in NY State. Is a termination automatically reported to the Board of Nursing? Thanks.
  14. I’m being investigated by the BON!

    Good luck but don't be minimize your actions or be nonchalant in front of the board. It will work against you.
  15. DWI Felony & Licensure

    Thanks. I wonder how to get started with a monitoring contract. I suppose through the BON? Not sure what IPN is. I'll google it.