Nursing School Acceptance

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The aspirations of getting into a nursing school is not an easy task. However, it is so incredibly rewarding once the goal has been achieved. Never give up, disregard criticism and negativity from unsupported people, maintain your focus, and above all else believe in yourself. It is never too late to turn a dream into reality.

What can I do to increase my chances of getting into nursing school?

Nursing School Acceptance

For all of you out there struggling to get into nursing school, I say hang in there and stay strong!

I decided to start my path to nursing school about 2 years ago at the age of 37. I had friends that criticized my decision to go into nursing so late in life. Ignore those people. They are battling their own insecurities and are not as fearless as you are. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

I first began by becoming a CNA to be certain that this career path was meant for me. Then I took my pre-requisite science classes. I am so thankful I already had an associates degree and didn't need to take any general ED classes. Every semester I struggled to get into my classes. I begged the professors to let me in. I made sure my classes were my priority.

I'm proud to say that I received and "A" in Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Developmental Psychology, and Medical dosaging, respectively. I also started volunteer work through Cope Health Solutions at Riverside community hospital so that I would have exposure to patients.

When the time came, I applied to Chaffey nursing school. The day I received my letter in the mail, I was nervous, excited, scared, you name it!

I was informed that I was selected as an "alternate student". That's not exactly what I was hoping for, but it was better than getting a rejection letter.

I attended the student orientation and then began studying for the TEAS exam. I passed the TEAS, and immediately started the process of completing all the requirements such as updating my BLS card, physical/drug/TB tests, background check, etc. I basically purchased all the equipment and supplies as if I were accepted into the program. Even though the deadline to submit the packet is January 8, I completed and submitted it on December 12.

The wait to receive a phone call to let me know whether or not a space became available was one of the most challenging and difficult periods of my life. Then yesterday, only 1 week before the start of classes, I received the glorious call informing me that a space became available!

After I finished jumping up and down, praying and thanking God for this blessing, kissing and hugging my husband and in laws, I went in to receive my admissions packet. I also registered for my classes and purchased my books. Classes start next Tuesday and I CANNOT wait!

I wrote this post because in the past I would always come on this site to read about other people's experiences and see what they did and how they got in to nursing schools. I know the frustration of waiting, the fear and feeling of doubt, the sleepless nights and worry. Hang in there, stay positive and do your best. In the end, it will all work out. Wishing all of my fellow student nurses the best of luck!

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NurseStudentK75 thank you for sharing your encouraging story! I agree with all the sentiments you expressed. I hope you will update us as you go through school. All the best, and we will be here to welcome you to the ranks of licensed nurses when you finish! :up:



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This is really encouraging! Thanks for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS!


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Thanks for posting! Congrats! I just love AN and the boost of confidence it can give with a post just like this. :) It's amazing how much struggle and how much we have to believe in ourselves to even get into a program, much less finish it. Keep us updated! I'm only one semester behind you. :D

Toronto1977, BSN, LPN, RN

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This is definitely encouraging, thank you! I'm 37 and just starting my journey as well. Best of luck to you, please keep us posted. :o)


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Thank you for sharing and the encouragement. Congratulations!!:up:

Thank you for taking the time to share some encouragement! Huge congratulations!!


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Thank you for this post and G-d bless you! I am a late bloomer too and had taken a professional path in the past in order to raise my daughter financially. It's definitely so very gratifying to finally take classes in order to make a profession for something I truly enjoy. There are bumps and humps along the road, but per your post, it is helpful to keep positive and supportive people around (including my own mental state!). Congratulations in being accepted into your program!


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Congratulations!. There is nothing like that feeling of getting that acceptance into nursing school. Good luck in your journey.


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emergenceRN17, ASN, BSN, RN

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Congratulations!!!! I am 37 and entering my second semester. I ran into the same criticism. I wish you the best throughout your program!!


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Good for you! You are such an inspiration! I am 34 years old and am currently getting my prerequisites done for the practical nursing program. I plan to start the practical nursing program in Sept 2016 when I am 36. I am married with 3 kids ages 11, 7 and 1 year old. My husband and family are very supportive in my decision to go back to school. ?