Advice to Nursing Students in Peds Rotation


Alright I have been on days now for about 3 months and have had a nursing student placed with me more often than not. I have a different one every day for the last 3 days. I work in Peds, Heme, ONCĀ and I absolutely love it. I enjoy having students and the charges know I am more than willing to have one with me and will do my best to make their day a learning experience but I have some advice to students.

Advice to Nursing Students in Peds Rotation

If I am up doing something with a patient you should not be studying for your test. I know nursing school is rough but I also know your clinical time is limited. This is your chance to see what we do day in and day out.

If I am running around like a crazy person and you are still sitting at the station studying it makes me want to bonk you on the head with your text book. IT also makes me want to tattle on you to the instructor. Offer to help! I may say no but I may take you up on it!

Please please please don't question my practice in front of the patient and their parents. Yesterday I had a student ask why I wasn't using adhesive remover to take off a 20 mo olds port dressing in front of his parents. I was well into the process when she asks this and he was screaming his head off. This is a very good question but this was a horrible time to ask it because it makes the parents think I am not doing what is in the best interest of the patient. Luckily my charge was there and was able to say (loudly, in front of mom and dad) that our adhesive remover can make the removal process be 2-3X longer without much relief in pain and at his age it's better to just quickly get the trauma over with. Ask away-just do it at the right time.

You may know that this is not the place for you when you become an RN however that is an opinion that you should probably keep to yourself. I don't want to hear that you have no interest in peds because it makes me not want to teach you anything. Along the same lines I also don't want to hear that you think my job is depressing. I understand that this can be an emotionally trying area but I love my job and most days do not feel depressed at all!

One more piece of advice...

Compassion and pity are not the same thing. Almost every nursing student I have walks in to our oncology patients rooms and says something along the lines of "ohhh you poor thing" These kids do not think of themselves as "poor things' and we try to have an attitude of encouragement with them. We try to talk about the positive, remind them that they may be having a rough day but its not going to be like this forever, we will do our best to treat their pain, nausea, etc. and we try to help them develop coping tools. Of course I feel bad for these patients and their families, having a sick child is devastating. Parents and patients alike will look to us for how they should be acting so we want to present a positive for them to emulate.

Don't see this as a mean rant against all students. I just want students to have some insight from a nurse before clinical.

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Thank you for the post! I haven't started my peds clinical yet but I will certainly keep this in mind, and some of this advice is good for any clinical rotation, not just peds! :yes:


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Thank you. I have'n started school yet, starting Sept 16, but I found this to be helpful. I will try my best & headrest to remember this when my clinicals come up. I hear nursing students give their clinical experiences all the time, it was nice hearing the other side. More please:woot:

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:yes: Great post, Shelbs3. I see you are new here on allnurses. Welcome! I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

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I would say that you advice pertains to ALL students in ALL clinical areas. I see this type of behavior over and over.


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And if you tell me you don't wanna do kids and in the same breath, tell me you want to work in er, I might roll my eyes at you.

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Thanks for the post. I look at my clinical experiences as a job interview. I will have pedis/OB next semester and am looking forward to the experience.


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Thank you! My nephew has ALL and is in maintenance now. I have to say, the nurses are wonderful! They are upbeat, fun and make his treatments bearable. I have my first peds clinical in Ocotober...wonderful advice.


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Thank you!

I begin nursing school in a little less than two months. I'd like to think, more often than not, I use common sense. The first would be a given, I'd never study at clinical. Second, if I was your student, you'd have to tell me to leave you alone at some point. Just kidding. But joking aside, I am very much a go-getter and would always love to help.

What gave me pointers was how I would talk to you. As a peds nurse, I would think it was depressing. But since you said something, I will hopefully keep that in mind and never say it out loud! :)

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Thanks so much for this. I got peds rotation coming up in a couple of weeks. Need all the advice I can get. I got kids of my own but caring for other peoples kids is a different ball game.

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Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

I think this is great advice for nursing students in general about etiquette and appropriate behavior that will only serve to improve your experience!

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Thank you for great advice! :up: