What color scrubs does your school make you wear for clinicals??

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We are in white from head to toe!! I am on my 3rd rotation and they still are bright white I am amazed!! We hate them, but our pts, especially the older generation just love them and think we look so nice.


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My school makes us wear blue scrubs or we can wear white pants and blue polo shirt. It really does't bother me because I am a senior and after Nov will not have to wear blue or white scrubs. :chuckle


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Well thankfully they just changed them last year from all white pants and shirt with a smock to finally scrubs. Now it's hunter green pants with a white top and lab coat with our school logo embroidered.

We are required to wear Navy Blue scrubs in our NS program. I work in PICU, ICU and CCU while going to NS so when I work PICU I get to wear any kind of scrub that I want! I have some pretty cool ones because of that! In ICU & CCU I wear the ceil blue scrub bottoms with usually a long sleeved T and a vest that has the insignia of the hospital on it.


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Caribbean Blue. Affectionately known as "corpse-lips blue."


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We are required to wear "royal blue" scrub pants and a white polo shirt with the school patch on the left sleeve. What's with all these blue uniforms? My school colors are black and gold though, so I'll take the blue over that any day!


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Head to toe white!!!! It's not my favorite- but I'm so grategul for getting into the program, I'll wear whatever they want.


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We wear white scrub tops and royal blue scrub pants. We get to pick the style, brand, etc. ourselves. Solid white leather shoes - doesn't matter what kind as long as they are white and leather. We have to get school patches sewn to the left sleeve of scrub tops and lab coats. Royal is our school color, so I don't mind. I prefer Grey's Anatomy scrubs because they are the softest I have found and Urban Scrubs.


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We wear hunter green with a school patch on the left arm.


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my school makes us wear burgundy scrub top and white pants I hate it but I am almost out the door I dont care anymore:D