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  1. Episteme

    Should I leave this racist town?

    I am really sorry this is happening to you. I just tumbled upon your post and the many responses and I apologize I didn't (couldn't) read every word of every response. Let me channel some of the people that have helped me deal with adversity (abuse...
  2. Episteme

    What if?

    1. When you begin working, you should have a robust new-grad orientation program wherever you apply. 2. Once you land on the unit that will be "home", you will begin to develop a systematic method for assessing patients, making your way through the...
  3. Episteme

    Pneumonia Priority Nursing Diagnoses

    Mancoww, I'd like to tag onto what GrnTea said and comment on Esme's mention of the Defining Characteristics My question is this. How can you make this diagnosis (impaired gas exchange) without some essential numbers? Specifically, %sat and/or PaO2...
  4. Episteme


    When did SOAP notes rise like a zombie from the dead? We were glad to see it go away back in the 70's! Maybe someone found the corpse, dug it up, dressed it in fancy clothes and (having written a book or journal article or presented their "original...
  5. Episteme

    Obamacare? what are your thoughts

    So I quoted from the Quarterly Journal of Economics, on hard data, from events that happened on a state level, can be examined retrospectively with statistical accuracy in a study given the thumbs up in Science magazine. (The only journal with the p...
  6. Episteme

    Obamacare? what are your thoughts

    This is an abstract taken from a round-up of abstracts published by Science magazine. I tried to get it directly from Science but they have a paywall. But it was published intact on Powerlineblog.com If you give poor people middle class stuff... ca...
  7. Episteme

    Obamacare? what are your thoughts

    I will correct you before our progressive friends. The VA is not a single payer system. It is overtly socialized medicine where the government owns the facilities and the people that work in them. But your point is taken. VA, Post Office (an inter...
  8. Episteme

    Obamacare? what are your thoughts

    No... single payer doesn't work flawlessly. Consequently, some of the "big boy" nations are allowing people with resources to operate in a better, parallel system much like we can still remember. So single payer appears to become a dual system, on...
  9. Episteme

    VA problems are in most hospitals

    I was just yanking your chain. We Southerners don't play the victim card. We know who we are and let the world think what they want. No worries. By the by... My daughter was an Internal Medicine resident for 1 year (before she could go to her anes...
  10. Episteme

    I thought I knew, but I had NO idea

    Oh, my yes... Do not be put off because another student can put on gloves w/out contaminating themselves. Listen, in some ways the CNA/LVN/EMT thing can hold students back because they have a hard time transitioning to thinking like a nurse. In my...
  11. Episteme

    BSN student questioning my career in nursing

    You go girl! I think your story is a real saga that could encourage a lot of people who will be coming up behind you.
  12. Episteme

    BSN student questioning my career in nursing

    Get established with a BSN and some clinical experience. Then... consider becoming a nurse entrepreneur. You have outstanding credentials and can obviously see a market, put together a business plan... I don't see it as an either/or proposition.
  13. Episteme

    paying for "life" while in full time school

    You are incorrect on the hour ratio. If a theory (lecture) class is worth 3 credits, then figure 3:1 hours (9) of study for that. If you have a lab course (med administration, for example) it's about 1:1. So 2 credits in a lab class = 4 hours a we...
  14. Episteme

    Any Advice for New Nursing Students?

    Can anyone know what nursing school is like before they experience it? Hmmmmm... It's rather like becoming a parent, don't you see? When I became pregnant for the first time, (I'd already been to nursing school) I thought I understood pregnancy, c...
  15. Episteme

    I thought I knew, but I had NO idea

    Thank you for your observations. I teach seniors and every semester at their last post-clinical conference, I ask them to close their eyes and remember the person who walked into the School of Nursing doors that first day. Then I ask them to mental...