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  1. Dismissed from ABSN program

    Can you please tell which community college?
  2. Dismissed from ABSN program

    So, what is your strategy now? Do you think we can get into something?
  3. Dismissed from ABSN program

    I was dismissed from the ABSN program due to academic reasons. Since my passion is still in nursing, I continued and took all prerequisites again. I am going to apply to only Community colleges. A&P 1 4.0 A&P 2 4.0 ...
  4. Drop out

    So that means Should I not try in community college? Is that the end of my nursing career?
  5. Drop out

    I have completed my other bachelor's from Asia. So I am going to submit those. What if I do not send them my dropout transcripts? How will they find out?
  6. Drop out

    I was dropped out of an accelerated BSN program in the third semester. Now I want to start afresh and start an Associate degree from a community college. My question is Can I hide my previous education or do I have to disclose it? Also, will it affe...