Is nursing really for me?

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I am currently in my first year of nursing school, and I just finished my first semester. And ever since the beginning I felt worried and anxious about entering nursing school. At first I thought that it is normal to feel that way since this is nursing school I am entering. But throughout my first semester I never felt better instead I still feel that same anxious and worried feeling. And then I started doubting myself whether I can still do this or not. I cried endlessly, too pressured and scared whether or not I am capable of doing this ( I have social anxiety, an introvert, and shy). It came to the point where I want to change course because I am too afraid to go through this journey (considering the time and money I will be spending on this course) and I try to convince myself that it will get better but I still feel the same. I never had a dream course but nursing was one of the first few things that came into my mind that's why I went though with it. And now whenever I get asked why I pursued this course I couldn't have a definite answer.

Also I really do not want to disappoint my family knowing they see me doing well in nursing school. the problem is I just don't see myself as a nurse years later and I never really knew why.

I really need an advice because I am gonna try again on second semester whether this really is for me or not? I am really confused to the point I am so pressured and stressed to make a decision. I told myself if I still feel the same feeling after my second semester I am shifting/changing course but the problem is I do not know what will it be because in the first place I never had second choices. Please your advices would really mean a lot to me. 

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Oh wow! You're also describing me in your post but for me I love to be a nurse although I'm also anxious and feel pressured because out of 8 courses I took on my prerequisites, I failed half of them. But I don't want to give up because this is my dream since I was a child. One thing that I would advice to you is take your time to really think what you wanted to do. Not by your parents or the society, but by you. What do you want to do for the rest of your life? The course that you will enjoy even though it will be hard for you. It's okay if you will also take your time off school because that also adds up to anxiety and bad decisions. Because if nursing isn't really your goal, no matter how hard you try, you will not make it because you will not be putting your best effort to finish it. 

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Do what you like? if you don't know what that is then take a year off try working in different areas of fields that you might want to work in that's what I did.   Unfortunately nursing is not for the undecided, forced by family expectations, etc because even if you did pass the classes and boards you'd likely not be working as a nurse because you'd hate it and still end up doing something else.   I know someone like that.


I worked as a temp doing odds and ends to pay bills and self studied: as paralegal 6 yrs, Failed as: administrative assistant, legal secretary, executive assistant because I was too disorganized and forgetful myself so couldn't help someone else get their life in order that was a no brainer, artist I sold lotsa art but income was too unstable I would starve a few months feast a month of so  etc I was too scared that I couldn't pay rent and food but lotsa fun, computer programmer (I didn't last past coding hello world) that was that, and then I found nursing and here I am 10 years later with ADN, BSN, certified in CDCES (formerly CDE certified diabetes educator) and now working on MSN in nursing informatics AND still able to pursue my artwork now that I have a steady paycheck I can actually afford to buy art supplies and down time that's what I do make and sell art.

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