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  1. Transcript Fear

    Thank you. My baby is 3 now and I am scheduled to take my NCLEX-RN next month. Graduated with a good GPA also!! Thank you guys so much for all the encouragements. It means the world to me. Will come back once I get into my doctorate program I kept ta...
  2. Resurrection University Spring 2020

    Did you guys have to do a physical for your health requirements? It doesn't say on CastleBranch so I wanna make sure because I don't want to spend money on it if I don't need it. I know I need Titer and TB.
  3. Transcript Fear

    Hello Guys, Update: During my last semester of prerequisite I got pregnant but I had already applied sent ALL my transcripts, professor recommendations, and personal statement and all I need was my TEAS. Apparently they look more at your Science GPA ...
  4. Resurrection University Fall 2020

    Hello, I have been accepted to ResU for the fall 2020 BSN daytime program. I think you need to finish your pre-reqs regardless even to ResU (They don't do GenED there). Why are you skeptical?
  5. Transcript Fear

    Did I make myself sound like the victim? I meant to explain my situation at the time. I have no one to blame but myself for being so young and stupid. Now I'm older, wiser, and more motivated to get my doctorate. Anyway, I've decided to tell her the ...
  6. I took all my science classes together. TIME MANAGEMENT is very important if you want an A in those classes. If you don't have the time then don't do it. A&P requires alot of studying. Chem is a little easier if you can grasp the concept. A&P...
  7. Transcript Fear

    Hello All, I am on my last 2 semesters before I apply for my nursing program. They require to me to send all transcripts to the all the college I've attended. I was out of school for almost a decade and I was a very bad student like VERY bad before. ...
  8. 8hr Shifts vs 12hr Shifts

    Your post made my day... LOL