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Hello, I live in broward county in Florida.

I am currently doing pre requisites to enter RN and I am also taking some pre requisites for BSN. I am noticing most of the students are looking for BSN programs. I am in my 40 and have a child, I want to start to work as RN as soon as posible. Should I go for RN and later BSN? Or go for BSN?


any recomandation so for schools in broward area? Please share the schools you atended.

I am also doing the same . I just completed all my pre reqs and are starting in my BSN pre req this Spring & Summer semester. 

I’ve decided to go for RN . You will have your degree , be able to work and start your career and then go for your BSN and have school + work. Plus I’ve heard there isn’t much of a pay difference but it’s all about your ultimate goal 


btw I’m 26 with a 3 year old , 


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I’m 37 and currently taking my pre-reqs. My plan is to get my ADN and then do the RN-BSN online. But I have completed my BSN pre-reqs already just to get them out of the way. In my area (NM), ADNs are hired with the contingency of completing their BSN within a certain timeframe (I think 3-5 years). 


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Depending on where you go, either one takes around the same amount of time. WGU, hertz, BSN is around 2.5 years. That last half year, you can extern at a hospital, they'll more than likely hire you afterwards when you've finished and tested. An ADN is 2. Speaking as someone that went older, was a SAHM, while you are in the groove of being a student just finish. You are not going to want to back. It's very tedious. If community college is more in your budget, start with ADN. Do not go into crazy debt for school. Hospitals are leaning towards BSN but a lot will still hire ADN with an agreement that you'll finish in 3-5 yrs. If your child isn't young, look into travel nursing. My cousin got her ADN from ivy tech community college and works at Northwestern, one of the top 10 in the US.

I know a lot of nurses use WGU for RN-BSN because you can finish in 6 months. I think Florida has one of the cheapest Universities for Nursing...... lucky dog.

I went to Purdue, I don't recommend it, the amount it cost is absolutely ridiculous. Wish you the best on your journey.