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  1. Biochemistry Portage Learning CHEM 210

    Are you in it now?
  2. Hi!! Wondering if anyone has taken biochemistry (CHEM 210) through the online classes at portage learning. Just finished up the first module and have no idea what to expect for the exam/ how to study???!! Any tips/ advice or info is appreciated!!
  3. Binghamton BAT Program 2022-2023

    Just got waitlisted ?
  4. Stony Brook's ABSN Class of 2023

    I would email again! Did you see my comment about what they told me? I feel the exact same!
  5. Binghamton BAT Program 2022-2023

    For those accepted already, and you for sure going? And did they give you a date you need to let them know by?
  6. Stony Brook's ABSN Class of 2023

    Yeah, I'm not sure! I have other acceptances so I am grateful and it's okay it isn't Stony Brook, not meant to be. I wish you the best as well!
  7. Stony Brook's ABSN Class of 2023

    Oh, 110% agree with you!! I would rather have a rejection right now. I knew from the beginning and reading old threads that if you didn't get an original interview, you were never going to get one. My guess is of the people they interview, whoever th...
  8. Stony Brook's ABSN Class of 2023

    Hey! So I never got an interview from SBU and I emailed them and this is the email I got back. "The interviews have been held for the Accelerated Program. Your application was not chosen for an interview at this time. The Admissions Committee...
  9. Binghamton BAT Program 2022-2023

    Nice! congrats!! hoping there waves of acceptances going out
  10. Binghamton BAT Program 2022-2023

    Congrats! What time did you receive the email?
  11. Dominican College ABSN

    Hiii!! Thanks for reaching out! Can you just tell me how it’s going for you?? Also, do you know what hospitals your placed at for clinical?
  12. Dominican College ABSN

    I can't find the one at RCC, what is the exact subject and class number you are?
  13. Dominican College ABSN

    Okay great, thank you so much. I am just in such a pickle because I am still waiting on other schools and so I don't want to spend the money and time taking one thing if I won't need it. Ugh!
  14. Dominican College ABSN

    Oh awesome okay yes I will look into the bio chem right now. I’m having a hard time finding those classes
  15. Dominican College ABSN

    Where did you take biochemistry and pathophysiology? I have no idea where to take it. It's not offered where I normally go.