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  1. SFSU ABSN 2022

    Has anyone heard anything further? I got the notification that my app was passed onto the program, but nothing since then. Other schools are wanting deposits by now...
  2. George Washington (GWU) BSN Summer 2022

    I was accepted a couple days ago and now I'm in the same boat. It is so expensive!!
  3. George Washington (GWU) BSN Summer 2022

    To people who have gotten decisions already- when exactly did you apply? How long after applying did it take you to hear back?
  4. SFSU ABSN 2022 1600 Holloway Avenue Administration Building, Room 254 San Francisco, CA 94132
  5. SFSU ABSN 2022

    Graduate Admissions
  6. SFSU ABSN 2022

    It wasn't communicated clearly to me that official transcripts weren't needed, so I sent mine back in December. Two of them finally showed up as received today in the Admissions Status page in my portal. It also says "You have met the minimum univers...
  7. Accelerated BSN programs

    I am in California currently looking at several accelerated (12-18 month) BSN programs for people with a prior bachelor's degree. Which programs have the best reputation/retention rates? A few of the schools I am looking at are George Washington U, T...
  8. Milwaukee MSOE Nursing

    Hi, all! I'm considering applying to MSOE's Accelerated BSN Program. I am wondering if any of you have anything good or bad you've heard or seen about this program and/or MSOE nursing in general?
  9. If I have a B.S. in biology and want to become a nurse, what is the best path for me? Accelerated BSN or direct-entry master's program? My GPA is over 3.8 and I've taken all the standard prerequisites for many programs (but not pharmacology, pathophy...