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Teine684 has 13 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. Sorry for the duplicated responses …still new to posting😔
  2. Thank you for your response, ctaylor98. I hope that we both get accepted into each of our nursing programs of choice. The journey is rough, but then again, nothing in my life was ever easy🙂. Keep reaching for those stars ✨🙂
  3. Go online and see how many of the requirements that you have done of the courses they require and total up your points. There are 36 points available. Example. They require A&P 1 & 2. Eng 111 & 112, HUM 115, PSY 150 & PSY 241, & ...
  4. Order of taking prerequisites question

    Hi Katrina, I personally saved my Science prerequisites to be done last in the following order: Anatomy, Physiology and ended it with Microbiology. Just to let you know, while I was taking my Physio class, my professor suggested that he thought...
  5. Time management with med pass on 3 to 11 shift at LTC

    Hi Courtalexa, To start off, after getting my change of shift report and supplies for my med pass on my med cart, I usually start with the hardest med pass first. For example, G/tube meds and those special residents that need extra help in focus...
  6. Hi there, I had just applied into an “LVN to RN” bridge program at a local CC. I’m from California which is extremely competitive but I’m remaining hopeful 🙂. I’ve been working as an LVN for 13 years and I’m so thankful just make it this far in my jo...