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BridgingHTX has 12 years experience as a LPN, LVN.

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  1. Hey I’m in Houston too 

    how’s the program? Did you finish? 

  2. Hi, I graduated from essential school of nursing and currently studying for Boards. 

  3. Hi BridgingHTx, are you by any chance from TX? Am joining Essential nursing school tthrough FoundPath and I wanted to gind out if anyone from Tx has attended the LPN program and if they have had any problems endorsing the license to Texas license? Someone please help

    1. Winners Circle 2531

      Winners Circle 2531

      Don’t do it! They are  on probation and are about to get shut down! They are stealing students’ money and holding on to their diplomas/transcripts even after they graduated. Their NCLEX scores are pathetic and they withhold that information from prospective students, which is why they won’t send graduates names to the boards because they know they are on thin ice with the Florida BON. Just look at the other threads. And don’t listen to those Google “reviews”. Most of them were written by faculty from fake accounts. Save yourself the money and headache!

    2. ChrisNy


      OMG! I figured it out. the minute they don't respond to emails and calls like a school should, I stopped following up. Please people dnt go to those schools

  4. Hi email me please

  5. Hi can you email me back please. Thanks 

  6. Hello 

    Did you  complete this program yet? How was it please!!?? Thank you I’m very interested! 

  7. Hello.I am attending Medlife Institute. Did you finish your RN programs from Essential School of Nursing? Were you able to take the NCLEX?

  8. Hey I’m going to start the lpn to RN program in January. Have you received your ATI number. Any advice?


    if the purpose of your post is to bring awareness to those seeking information I think you’ve accomplished that with very valid points. If the program doesn’t suit your needs, that’s fine, there are plenty schools in FL and elsewhere

    I agree 100%. This has been my experience. To potential students: I would also add that being aware of YOUR career goals, YOUR learning style preference and YOUR educational goals will help tremendously in identifying what program works for you. I’m...

    Yes Yes

    The program is OK. I’m not a complainer, I just want to be in and out! I think the work is fair and the teachers are very knowledgeable. It’s really up to you and that goes with anything. Some students have had issues with being able to contact the s...

    Right! But all schools secure payment before starting. this is just out of pocket so you feel it! LOL. Good luck!

    I started in February. There is no financial aid, I pay out of pocket on a payment plan. There is an exit exam.

    It’s Approved meaning you can sit for your RN NCLEX. My lpn program was also approved and I sat for my boards with no issues. I think that choosing an accredited vs approved program comes down to your career goals. I don’t work at the bedside or in a...