New Parent and Breastfeeding


Hi there. I am 6 weeks postpartum, and just started myfirst semester of nursing school. We have clinicals starting in about a month (one day per week for 6 weeks), but I need to get prepared. I have a 30 minute commute and then clinical is 7-3. I would pump on my way there and when I get done, but I am nervous about pumping during. I emailed my instructor and she seemed positive and said as long as my patients are safe, it'll be no problem. But I would love to hear any positive stories of you making this work during clinicals. Thank you.

Jordan Nacalaban, BSN, RN

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First of all, congratulations on your baby.

It's great to know that your instructor is supportive. A nursing mothers' law allows an employee a pumping break with a private space to express milk.

I'm not sure about the situation with students in the hospital. However, it seems it's okay with your instructor.

Just make sure that you do a hand-off of your assigned patients. Then, plan out your schedule to exit for 15-20 minutes to pump quickly. For example, if you are on a 3-hour pumping schedule, I would pump once at 10 am and again around 1-130pm. It depends on your pumping intervals. 

My nurse manager made sure I could step out after hand-off and have a quiet, private place to pump. I did my middle pump break at my 30 min lunch since I do a 12-hrs shift - so my schedule was 10a-2p-530p. I made sure I passed out meds and carried out orders before my breaks.

Prepare an insulated bag with ice packs or, if permitted to use (fridge) with your name to store your pumping bottles and milk. Refill your water bottle frequently and have quick protein bars too. 

Good luck on your journey.  

Honyebee, CNA

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I had a classmate who breastfed and did pump at certain time.