Temporary Lifting Restrictions?

by harachisauce (New) New Student

Hi. I am currently in an accelerated nursing program and found out that I have an umbilical hernia. I am needing to have surgery, so I planned it for a little break in school. My lifting restriction will be 10 pounds for first 3 weeks, 20 pounds for next 3, and 40 for the following 3 weeks. My school is trying to tell me that I’m not allowed on the clinical premises even if my only restriction is lifting. Therefore, I’m now having to postpone my surgery and risk injuring myself worse because my school refuses to cooperate with me for the literally 2 weeks of clinicals that I would need to attend without lifting. Is this legal? 
I’m so worried about this because I’m in horrible pain, but there’s literally nothing I can do apparently. 

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Can the school do this? Absolutely. There are stated requirements of physical ability and lifting restrictions mean you would not meet them. If you were in staffing, you would be expected to take FMLA time. You need to sit down with someone from your school and discuss your options.


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That is rough. It's not just lifting that you can do on clinicals, why they would not allow you to attend? You can observe and do other things.