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  1. Cna exam test date wait...

    Irrelevant, but your CNA course was 4days??? I did mine in high school and it was 2 years.
  2. UVA CNL May 2011 applicants

    From rxy3696: "Don't be sad. In fact, most of them will be rejected. You should start to look for the backup..." Thanks :-). Just the reassurance I needed. Not sure if you read my post, but I submitted my application on Nov. 1st....I met the deadl...
  3. UVA CNL May 2011 applicants

    I hope so Meg. BTW, when did you get your application in? I turned mine in on Nov 1st, the day of the deadline.
  4. UVA CNL May 2011 applicants

    Anyone apply and not had an interviewed yet? Hearing that most of you already had an interview makes me think they've reviewed my application and tossed it.
  5. UVA direct entry CNL

    Thanks so much for your feedback!! It really helps!
  6. UVA direct entry CNL

    I'm kind of in the same boat, but my boat is a lot smaller!! I also had some issues during my undergraduate at UVA, but I can only blame myself! However, now that I'm more mature and my life is together, I am ready. I've taken all my prerequisite ...