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  1. Mount Carmel RN to BSN?

    Does anyone have any experience with Mount Carmel's RN to BSN online? Looking for info on the curriculum, difficulty, time commitment, and super duper bonus points if anyone compared it to Ohio University's program.. Thanks!
  2. Will ENP become a primary certification?

    That really does and gives me a direction, looks like I can actually start the program with just my ADN also, so that's double cool! Do you know if there are mandatory primary care clinical rotations or can you do all of your clinical in the ED?
  3. Will ENP become a primary certification?

    I definitely appreciate the input! Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near Alabama or Vandy, and our first grandchild is on the way so not interested in moving there for a few years. As for PA, it’s the pre-reqs that kill my desire to do PA. ...
  4. Bad Clinical Instructor

    It’s 10 now.. I swear it was 6 as recent as last semester, but it’s definitely 10 as of right now.. LOL
  5. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Side note, my clinical would be a million times more efficient if I didn't need to wait for my clinical instructor to hold my hand while I pop the blister packs into the medicine cup and hand them to the patient..
  6. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Can I ask you to take a moment of self reflection and honestly answer - do you feel like you’re ready to be on that unit?
  7. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Listen friend, I told you in my first response that if you wanted useful input, you’d need to share at least some of the details. Since you won't, we’re responding based on the extremely limited information you’re offering up, which when combined wi...
  8. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Hmm.. I don't think I really have any advice for you then other than to say that I would think long and hard about investing energy into a BON complaint. I don't think that's going to be a worthwhile use of your time. Have a great weekend, good...
  9. Bad Clinical Instructor

    1. Because if it’s only viewable by you and you’re passing clinical, then chalk it up to just another “nursing school is needlessly painful” and move on. 2. Again it sounds like there was something that happened involving the charge nurse...
  10. Can we talk about "fashion" scrubs vs "scrubby" scrubs?

    You do have to laugh at the evolution of scrubs. They were originally designed to be reusable/semi-disposable garments so that you could wear your street clothes to work, change into attire that would stay at the hospital, then change back and not b...
  11. Bad Clinical Instructor

    From your description, it sounds like there was an incident between you and the unit charge nurse. If you want useful feedback on your situation, you’re probably going to need to divulge more of what happened. Otherwise, if you’re here to ...
  12. Nursing School and Working?

    Someone just liked this post so it brought me back to this thread. As an update, I’m now in my final semester which has 2 days per week of clinical and one 2-3 hour lab per week (sometimes via zoom). I got a Saturday and Sunday clinical ...
  13. What does a typical week look like

    I'm wrapping up RN school and have a previous bachelors from OU, so it only makes sense to do my RN to BSN there. Can anyone tell me what a typical week looks like? I know these are a serious of 5 week classes, but what is the typical work load...
  14. Nursing Home NA nightmare

    My wife worked in nursing homes as an LPN for 15 years. She worked in a wide range, from primarily Medicaid patients to super high end cash only places (she’s taken care of family members of local celebrities) and even worked for almost 2 years as a...
  15. Will ENP become a primary certification?

    Kind of a bummer that the path to ER (a unique skillset IMHO) is to go through FNP... Would be nice if you could enter an ENP program from the start (which would also be more than a 1 year fellowship)..