school decision help: Emory MN pre-licensure vs RUSH GEM

by Findingfrancis (New) New Student Pre-Student

Currently, I’m deciding which would be the best fit for me…

Ultimately want to get my Ph.D., in the end, to conduct research in mental health disorders for POC and minority children (I love kids!).

As for now, I want to get my RN to work for 1-2 years to get experience with pediatric populations and learn more about the nursing field so I can properly assist the population I’m studying. I attended UW Madison (I am from Wisco) with a BS in HDFS and I’ve done research for 4 years. Currently, I work for a lab as a research technician studying COVID in AA communities.

I love the idea of living in a big city and working with the city population! However, I also love how Emory offers an in-person Ph.D. and receives greater funding from the NIH. Honestly, Emory is pricey but I wouldn’t have to worry about my doctorate in the future as both RUSH AND EMORY offer fully-funded tuition and stipend… I am also a black woman if that also helps with anything haha. (If y’all know about scholarships please let me know!)

Overall both schools are wonderful options! It’s just the idea of packing up and moving further or just 2hrs away, financial aid, and is it worth it to go to a pricer school for the name???