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  1. My patient caused her own code.

    What a nurse has available to sedate/wean with is entirely up to the physicians. Each hospital/physician has their own protocols and "comfort levels" if you will for what they do with patients needing sedation. Can a nurse ask for certain medicatio...
  2. Baby RN's running ICU?!!

    Or follow the thread. Her post was literally the next post down. It was not difficult at all to know what she was referring to.
  3. New Charge Nurse

    If I can make the request work and it still benefits the patient and unit needs, I will usually do it regardless of the reason. If it messes up my ability to match patients with the level of nursing experience they need or puts some kind of burden o...
  4. I can do your job, you can't do mine.

    The nurse's comment is true and a valid point IF s/he is currently busy with a task that is delegated to nursing only. It is not an excuse to get out of helping the aides with patient care. I worked as a PCT for a short time before becoming a nurse...
  5. Thank you again MBARNBSN and bobjohhny for your replies. They have been very helpful and given me some more things to consider for my resume. The interview advice is bonus! Looks like I have some work to do to tweak my current resume
  6. Thank you MBARNMSN, I really appreciate your feedback. I am currently a charge nurse and a member of a clinical committee on my unit so I will make sure to display those in a way that is informative and visible. Thanks for the tip on reducing the a...
  7. Hello all! I am in search of any resources that can assist me in creating a resume suited for entry-level nurse manager/leadership positions. My current resume is focused on bedside patient care and needs to be updated with the leadership experienc...
  8. ICU burnout?

    ICU ratios at my work have been far more kind than what has been represented here. 1-2 patients, on rare occasion a 3rd can be added if no other option presents itself. I almost never see anyone stay later than an hour. I live in Utah, there are n...
  9. Venting

    Charge for the shift going off determines how many nurses are needed and who gets called off. Charge for the shift coming on determines patient assignemnts.
  10. No opinions please just facts

    If smoking weed is that important to you, it would seem easier to pick a new profession than a new country to live in. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side
  11. Article: Paramedics equal to RNs

    Sorry, I just have to address this as I feel you have completely undervalued the respiratory therapist in all this. A RTs value goes far beyond intubation and short term ventilator set up/management. While one can argue that a RT is not needed in a...
  12. Article: Paramedics equal to RNs

    Truly, this is all very interesting as I have very little knowledge on the scope of practice a paramedic has. However, with all this back and forth banter I still have not seen a good argument for why paramedics are needed in the ER? There are a...
  13. Burnout/ Compassion fatigue

    Is the MD of the spinal fusion patient aware that he is thrashing around to the extent you describe? I can hardly believe that the physician would be ok with that as far as the patient's recovery is concerned, no less your own safety. I have cared ...
  14. Graduating early vs graduating without debt

    I think both choices sound excellent. The no debt option is less risky (in the event that you can't find employment right away) but 30K in student loans is not overwhelming by any means. Just keep in mind, it is far too simplistic to do calculate p...
  15. Nursing loans really that bad? 120K

    The only reason these schools can charge these outrageous tution costs is because there are students who will pay it, not because they are worth that amount. As many others have said, look for other options. I paid approx $20k for my BSN at a well ...