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  1. LPN to ADN at age 64

    What's wrong with getting your RN? I'd say as long as it doesn't cost $20,000 (if you don't have that laying around) then go for it.
  2. PICC Line Dressing change

    Actually if you go to your video, you will see that she pulls toward the insertion site when removing, not away.
  3. Nursing Home NA nightmare

    In these types of facilities, when there is extremely short staffing, and where they have to use non certified staff, CNA's get away with a lot, and the bad ones will take advantage of you. Avoid these facilities.
  4. Switched to LVN from the Business World and am UNDERWHELMED!

    You didn't get what I said, it will be on the low that I tell someone about it. I simply said I don't subscribe to that attitude of 'earn it or lose it'. If you're that hard up, then that's a problem with yourself.
  5. Switched to LVN from the Business World and am UNDERWHELMED!

    I don't think students have to beg for respect. I wouldn't subscribe to any of this. And if I get anything less, you'd better believe someone is going to hear about it. A higher up one way or another.
  6. Bad Clinical Instructor

    The nurse.
  7. Bad Clinical Instructor

    I'm sure most students won't do this.
  8. Bad Clinical Instructor

    This is exactly why I don't feel she should say those things. She doesn't help with medications, it's in our handbook that she must be present. She doesn't help with the MAR.
  9. Reporting an unsafe surgeon

    If they're blaming the nurse, when it was actually the surgeon, you should report it. A wrong procedure (wrong eye) or wrong candidate is not an excuse. It should always be right procedure, right candidate.
  10. license

    Is there possibly something that wasn't disclosed? I would send an email or call. I'd also wonder why they have not sent anything by mail to notify you.
  11. Bad Clinical Instructor

    She came to my unit and then said I wasn't ready for that unit, when she had been with other students. The only time she speaks with me is when she comes to my unit, no other interaction. So there is no way she can say I am not ready for a unit. It m...
  12. Clinical Rotation In COVID Unit

    This is how it is I'm sure with most nursing schools. They don't have your back if you get sick.
  13. Bad Clinical Instructor

    I'm surprised at how 'off' these responses are. The truth is you both have no answers. And, I don't care if I have a clinical site, so me being thankful has nothing to do with it. I don't care if the nurse teaches me anything. I'm simply don't care a...
  14. Bad Clinical Instructor

  15. Switched to LVN from the Business World and am UNDERWHELMED!

    Who cares about getting paid, they get free help.