What to do between graduation and residency?

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I am in the final semester of my ABSN program. I end in April but most residencies do not start until July. Besides studying for the NCLEX, what do most people do during that time? I currently work one day a week in the ED as a tech but am unsure if they will allow me to continue once I graduate (especially since I am not planning to do a residency there). I would love to take a break but need money and don't want to let my skills get rusty.. I am considering waiting tables but just wondered if there was some special limbo place that we fit during that time.


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Standard advice: apply everywhere and see who calls back. Or if you want, find a new hobby. 


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I will see my family and friends. As a CNA, I'm generating 21-34/hour. I love it.  I work for an agency nowadays. It works best for my school. 


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