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I'm a student nurse.?

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  1. New Parent and Breastfeeding

    I had a classmate who breastfed and did pump at certain time.
  2. What to do between graduation and residency?

    I will see my family and friends. As a CNA, I'm generating 21-34/hour. I love it. I work for an agency nowadays. It works best for my school.
  3. I have a membership with Thenursespeak dot com. I didn't finish it, but I will start it in April. My school has its own review program before the exit exam. I'd rather do it this way. I also utilize nursing dot com. The voice of the educator doesn't ...
  4. I don't know, but I don't think you'd lose your LPN.
  5. Different Versions of ATI Proctored Exams

    There's no way around it. So far, I've been successful in my proctored ATI exams. I read my med-surg because it includes pathophysiology, nursing process, and medication. 🧐
  6. I suggest these things according to what I've been incorporating in my nursing school. 1. I read https://allnurses.com/profile/1053402-damion-jenkins/ 2. I read my instructors' assigned readings. Every day. I tend to procrastinate on my hom...
  7. Bad Clinical Instructor

    I hope you're wrong with your observation. People don't drop gold when they take a dump.
  8. Didn’t Pass My First Nursing Exam

    And triage personal life, too. LOL. I'm getting better with this. I'm also less stressed.
  9. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Just let you know. Whoever is supervising you in your clinical, if this is your setup, that nurse evaluates you, too.
  10. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Did your school allows this?
  11. Bad Clinical Instructor

    And you administer medications without being authorized by your school anyway? The staff nurses at your clinical can supervise you, and that's not illegal. However, if your school instructed you shouldn't pass medications without your instructor, you...
  12. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Who assigned you to that unit? How your program is structured? Is it that school who sends you to a clinical site alone? If so, then your instructor should came up with the plan to help you if you were noticeably unprepared.
  13. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Why you didn't ask her why she assigned you in that unit then if her judgment that you weren't fit for? How can you be with an instructor without an interaction? Where's your original instructor? Was she a substitute for that day? How do you d...
  14. Bad Clinical Instructor

    That's easy. If I can prove that an instructor fabricated something against me that I didn't do and affect me negatively, I'll take care of it at the office. If it's a correction to improve and polish me, I'm grateful for it. Blame the litigious soci...
  15. Bad Clinical Instructor

    Correct me if I'm wrong. I think you don't understand how the Board of Nursing function.