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  1. andyyyedm

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    is u world for both RN and LPN ? can some one answer that, thanks
  2. andyyyedm

    NCLEX UWorld

    Hey is Uworld for RNs only or is there section for PNs? can some one please let me know
  3. andyyyedm

    U world pn

    I took my nclex pn and failed it I got 2 above passing grade and the rest of the topics where near passing standard . I been hearing a lot about "u world" is that only for register nurses or do they also have questions for LPNs ? I already took time ...
  4. andyyyedm

    Finally passed...yay

    i just failed my nclex but got NEAR passing on all sections dont know what program or thing to start studying on
  5. andyyyedm

    Finally retaking** nervous

    i just got my results i failed as well but got NEAR passing in all the areas
  6. andyyyedm

    Its been almost 3 months

    Can some one maybe help me I took my nclex pn in california may 18th and I still have not received anything in the mail I have emailed them but they don't respond has this happened to any one else or is this an isolated incident plz help me
  7. andyyyedm

    took test may 18th

    Have not received anything in the mail but i have been checking the bon lpn site and breeze and im not on there is it safe to finally say i failed the test ?
  8. andyyyedm

    When will my Results Arrive

    i emailed them to and they did not reply so what shall i do
  9. andyyyedm

    When will my Results Arrive

    I took my nclex pn on May 18th and its July 14th i have not received anything in the mail , i have tried emailing pearson vue and they don't even respond has it took this long for any one else?
  10. andyyyedm

    I Failed My NCLEX exam - after my 4th attempt.

    i think i failed mine to . there is no way of studying for it they have a 15k question test bank *** how do you study for that ... you cant
  11. andyyyedm

    Look your self up on the BON

    So I have to fill out all the paper work again ? Even tho they already have it for the 150$
  12. andyyyedm

    Look your self up on the BON

    G/l i just don't understand why California does not do the quick results why !??
  13. andyyyedm

    Look your self up on the BON

    in California you only have to pay the 150$ when you send them all your paper work right ? And then 200$ to the tale test, I took my test may 18th and stil have not received my results however I did the person vue trick and it took my money so I prob...
  14. andyyyedm

    Look your self up on the BON

  15. andyyyedm

    Pretty Bummed out just did the PVT

    I took the test on may 18th still have not received results or anything i did the PVT and it took my payment when i took the test i went all the way to 205 questions this was for the PN program i felt very confident but now im very bummed out i stud...