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I’m currently in school to get my RN ADN. We had a transfer fair at school where local colleges told us about BSN degrees. I’ve never seriously considered getting a BSN but now I’m on the fence. My husband is an educator for one of the schools so some of my tuition would be paid for. Maybe, in that aspect it would be worth it. 
Is it worth another 9 months of school? Will it offer more opportunities? Is the pay increased? 


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Many hospitals have a stipulation that you must obtain your BSN within 5 yrs of hire.


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Can I be anymore emphatic& succinct?


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I obtained my BSN only because the company I work for required it within 4 years of hire. I am happy I completed it after all was said and done. My work paid for most of it, I got a pay increase after graduating, and now more opportunities have opened up and I am going on to pursue my doctorate. I worked for 4 years as an ADN RN before pursuing my BSN which I found helpful. I think it's worth it but it all depends on your goals. BSN programs will be there, no need to rush into it unless you are required to!


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If you are asking about opportunities and pay increase.. Then I think, there is no reason why you should not proceed.