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  1. Hello all, Does anyone know what "Refer to Clinical Excellence Committee/Clinical Competence Committee (CEC/CCC)" means? I'm doing my RN program now at Humber College and I saw this at the bottom of midterm evaulation/CASA. What does this mean? ...
  2. Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    Consider checking this link out: CNO shows the list of schools with approved nursing programs/curriculum and they have a report (a separate PDF doc on the side) of the ...

    I think Humber isn't doing the bridging program anymore..probably because they aren't "in collab with UNB" for the nursing degree. Nursing program for generic entries will be with Humber only. but don't quote me doublecheck the bridging program info ...
  4. Hi fellow nurses! I'm a 3rd year BN student at Humber College and I wanted come on here to get some advice from other upper year BScN or RN students on studying!! I'm pretty organized and I complete the learning objectives (which are longg...
  5. *Winter 2021* Humber Bridging

    According to the academic calendar for Winter 2021, it says that the orientation is between dates Tuesday January 12, 2021 - Thursday January 14, 2021. https://hum...
  6. Hi, Anyone register and/or completed for Mohawk's pediatric nursing certificate program? -What was your experience like? My experience in the NRSG 10057 Introductory course was terrible. I'm wondering if anyone else have the same feelings ...
  7. *Winter 2021* Humber Bridging
  8. *Winter 2021* Humber Bridging

    Anyone else who registered for Winter 2021 courses confused about the schedule (class times)?
  9. Humber RPN to RN bridging

    apply on ontariocolleges -> reach out to the school for more info ->
  10. Humber rpn to RN Jan 2021 intake

    From my understanding, it wasn't meant for us. She sent out another email saying to disregard that email (to pick the clinical stuff up). Think she said it was for not for the bridging pathway.
  11. *Winter 2021* Humber Bridging

    Ya I think I know what you mean. I registered this morning too and term says Winter 2021 but the dates are different. check out the dates in your schedule too? I emailed the school for clarification.
  12. Humber rpn to RN Jan 2021 intake

    Yup, no problem! I got my offer last Oct and I must've applied over the Summer this year ? are you planning on applying?
  13. Bridging BScN to MD...Possible?

    that was very insightful advice, thank you!
  14. Humber rpn to RN Jan 2021 intake

    I don't remember the %average just this moment but I do remember that I graduated PN school with a 3.9 GPA ? hope that helps, best of luck! I applied to other bridging schools as well so I had to do that CASPer test IDK if humber considers thos...
  15. Humber rpn to RN Jan 2021 intake

    Hey! I'm starting this January too ? A weird question but do you know what courses we have to register for first semester?? ?