Northern NJ program recommendations that take transfer credits?

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Hello all, 

Can anyone recommend any traditional programs in NJ that are taught in a traditional classroom that are also holding on-site clinical...that may also be willing to accept credits or have students take a challenge exam for credit acceptance?


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Generally, programs will not accept nursing credits from another program. While the state Board of Nursing sets what must be covered, schools can arrange that material how they wish. For example, what you learned in your first semester of nursing school may not be the same as what is taught in the same semester at another school.

As for applying for other programs, you will want to be prepared to answer questions about your experiences in the previous program.

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Thank you for responding. I was in a Hybrid program taking 20 credits a semester and had both online classes and clinical my first semester. I was looking into a traditional program where I can take less classes about 12 credits per semester, which will allow more time to review material, take advantage of practice questions etc. 

As an educator, can you speak to whether an ADN program would be comparable to the amount of material covered/ assignments in a traditional program? 

Thanks for your help. 

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I am actually in staff development, not academic education. However, all entry level programs must meet the criteria set by the Board of Nursing, regardless of the degree issued. You will want to investigate the job market in your area/area you want to work to see if a BSN is required or preferred. Due to what is happening in the world, many employers are lifting BSN requirements, but you will likely still need to do an RN to BSN program within a set timeframe if you choose to go the ADN route.