Help with Med Math!



I start my new and final semester next week and have medication math which is given by ATI and we must receive a 10/10 to continue in the course.  I have medication math for each of my 4 classes: Population and Global Health, Concept Synthesis, Adult Health 3, and Leadership & Management.  One instructor said to look at the ATI Dosage Calculation 3.0 Critical Care Medications Test (there are 9 topics to review).  However, I do not like the way ATI explains how to break down how to work the problems.  What are any tips/tricks, websites, books, can I refer to that will help me ACE these exams?!  HELP! (PS I am nervous for Spring Semester and my Anxiety is at 100 currently!!) 


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How confident are you with regular math (fractions, conversions, etc.)?  And is there a particular method your instructor uses to teach or do they teach all three ways for calculations?

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I had students from an Asian country where it was culturally unacceptable to ask questions of a teacher, because the teacher would lose face and that was absolutely out of the question. The ESL folks clued me in on this. So I told the students that it was different here. I would lose face if they didn’t learn, and it was my job to figure out another way and another way and another way until they understood. They were hesitant at first, but it worked out. 

I say this by way of explaining that there are lots of ways to teach and do med math. The one that works for you is the one that you fully understand and that always gives the right answer. That’s all you need to do, is find which one that is. There are lots of old posts here demonstrating different ways.