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  1. I have a close family member, who has an almost 2-year-old with no MMR, no DTaP, honestly, no vaccines have been given. I accept her beliefs, and she can rather be a volatile person if she feels someone is not respecting "her body, her choice." Any t...
  2. Thoughts Welcomed

    @Leader25 - You're right, and maybe I should have rephrased that to "what does it take to be culturally competent in nursing practice?" In my opinion, a universal standard is lacking in our healthcare system. We all come from different backgrou...
  3. Thoughts Welcomed

    I love reading, especially on a topic that I'm passionate about. Lately, I've been reading up on articles on nursing today, just to add to the list of stressors I already have. I thought it would be a good idea just to see where everyone head's at. F...
  4. Santa Fe College ASN Spring 2022

    Hi! I recently submitted my readmission application.
  5. Hillsborough community college Fall 2021 applicants

    Congrats!! I received an AA from SCF
  6. Hillsborough community college Fall 2021 applicants

    I was that person who only applied to only one college...UNF and after 3 times getting denied I decided it's time to move on LOL! I'm thinking the fastest route is the ASN program, which is kinda why I'm here...and why im freaking out LOL. Then I'll ...
  7. Hillsborough community college Fall 2021 applicants

    I'll have to look into it, thanks for the rec! OMG and that makes me feel's so expensive to re-take the TEAS. Great scores! Best of luck to you. My prereq GPA is a 3.6 ?
  8. Hillsborough community college Fall 2021 applicants

    Thinking that would be my best option as well... Thank you! Do you know of any other ASN programs in this area? Trying to get as many applications before Spring 2022 comes to a close.
  9. Not yet...still waiting on my transcripts to be sent over. I have a 65 on the TEAS. IDK if I have the time to re-take it
  10. Hey there! Application has been submitted ? how did you do on the TEAS?Best of luck!
  11. Hillsborough community college Fall 2021 applicants

    Hi! Sent in my application for Spring 2022 for the ADN program! Prereq GPA is 3.4 and I have a TEAS score of 64 ?. Debating on whether to re-take the TEAS, any suggestions??? I have my B.S. and a lot of healthcare experience. So nervous!