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  1. What the heck am I doing wrong in Fundamentals?

    Thank you so much that helps a lot! I’m definitely overworking my brain by studying non stop for days on end ? The flash cards part definitely reached me because I grabbed my flash cards and was like hm this is way too much information! thank yo...
  2. What the heck am I doing wrong in Fundamentals?

    @Music in My Heart thank you so much for your tips! I definitely feel like I need to do flash cards, reread chapters, and do little study sheets. thank you again for your advice I’ll definitely try that ?
  3. So I am in the tail end of my first Semester, outlook grim… need a 78 to pass have a 78 currently and need a 78 on my final. I started off the year strong with A’s and B’s (that I WAS BARELY STUDYING FOR) and then I Started to get low C’s (failing in...
  4. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    Nothing in the mail yet
  5. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    They are updating the portals for final decisions, I just got mine, I didn’t get in but good luck to everyone else!
  6. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    the online portal is under maintenance at the moment, tomorrow it will be back up at 7 am. anyone else hear back today? congrats to all those who have gotten in ?!!!!
  7. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    nothing yet..... ?
  8. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    i applied early fall also. Thats awesome congrats!!
  9. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    when did you apply? I'm assuming they are going case by case! Congrats!!!!
  10. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    I just called and they said we should be hearing back mid-April, which is like next week! ?
  11. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    Thank you for the information ?Hopefully! Because my everything else is good but my TEAS lol! Hopefully everyone gets to hear back soon. Goodluck! I’ll post if I hear anything or my status on the admissions tab changes?
  12. Umass Boston BSN Fall/2019

    I have no clue I applied back in November, for Fall 2019. Hoping to hear back soon! I didn't do great on my TEAS so I'm kind of nervous. Also spoke to an admissions rep for transfers and he said its a long process because you have to go through admis...
  13. trying to get into a BSN program

    hi, I'm 19 years old have a 3.55 GPA and am finishing up my associate's degree in the fall. I am also going to have my phlebotomy certification by the end of the summer. i will be applying to Umass Boston in the fall also. I don't know if my GPA is g...
  14. Nervous to apply to Umass boston

    hi everyone! I'm 19 and a pre-nursing student, I have a 3.55 GPA. I am finishing my natural science associates in the fall and I am currently getting my phlebotomy certification at the end of this summer. I am applying to Umass Boston nursing program...