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  1. Music in My Heart

    Working as a nurse with a severe allergy to Cephalosporins

    Personally, I WOULD NOT speak to your professors or clinical instructors. They're not going to have a good answer for you and it simply creates... difficulties... they have no need to know.
  2. Music in My Heart

    Working as a nurse with a severe allergy to Cephalosporins

    I wouldn't worry about it and I certainly wouldn't share that information with anybody in your management chain. Your allergy was quite likely to have been in response to an IM injection (how cephalosporins are often administered to kids) or IV ...
  3. Music in My Heart

    Dislike Everyone In My Cohort

    While I've generally got on well with the people in various study groups, I've never been part of one that was as effective as I am when studying by myself. Unless required to join a group as part of an assigned project, I eschew time spent with othe...
  4. Vent away, my friend. But lighten up on your feelings, brother... feelings are just that... not logical, not predictable, not rational, not reliable... your feelings are getting in the way of your rational mind. Take this statement, for exa...
  5. Music in My Heart

    Moderate Sedation

    Hospital/department 1: Two RNs doing sedation (opiods/benzos); MD + tech doing procedure Hospital/department 2: One RN, one MD doing sedation (ketamine, propofol, dexmetomidine); MD + tech doing procedure Hospital/department 3: One RN for s...
  6. Music in My Heart

    Student nurse questions...

    Once you get through nursing school, I'd suggest trying to land in an ICU rather than an ED, just for the critical care experience. Large, urban EDs will generally provide a fair amount of critical care experience but not compared to the ICUs in...
  7. Music in My Heart

    Giving Report and IV Access

    Even in the ED and the ICU, regardless of what anybody tells me, the first thing I do when I assume care is a quick flyby to introduce myself, do a quick ABCD assessment, AND flush the line(s)... Regardless of who says what, access is MY respons...
  8. Music in My Heart

    Giving Report and IV Access

    Vessel integrity and hemodilution... that's what it's about. People are, I think, confused about the WHY of the bore size... a myth persists, even, that one cannot give blood through a 24 or even a 22... despite all the transfusions that our NIC...
  9. Music in My Heart

    What's the most consecutive hours and days you have ever worked?

    Between two jobs (1x 12h and 1x 8h), 42 days consecutively I once did 19 straight 16h shifts.
  10. Music in My Heart

    Giving Report and IV Access

    I would love to entertain this as a topic unto itself but limited time and energy at the moment... other than to say that I would challenge this contention. Perhaps another time.
  11. Music in My Heart

    Giving Report and IV Access

    Short of volume resuscitation, a larger bore isn't necessary. And I figure that if you/they want additional access, they/you are perfectly capable of attaining whatever is necessary for their purposes. If a 22 was suitable for the patient c...
  12. Take comfort in the knowledge that about 85% of US-educated, first-time test takers pass... do you really think you're in the bottom 15%? And... unless you either (a) have HUGE knowledge deficits or (b) suffer from debilitating test anxiety... o...
  13. Music in My Heart

    Giving Report and IV Access

    Some comments are worth emphasizing... like this one.
  14. Music in My Heart

    Giving Report and IV Access

    I'm an ED nurse and I get so tired of them asking this question. Usually I respond with, "I don't know" to which they sometimes get snarky. When I'm feeling snarky I've responded with, "Start at the left index finger and trace a path to the right... ...
  15. Music in My Heart

    A Little Rant And Some Failures

    I wonder what kind of morbidity these folks end up living with (those who do, that is) directly attributable to the profound and prolonged hypoxemia. Meanwhile, I'm lining up to get my 5th dose of mRNA vax in a couple weeks.