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  1. HPSP Question??!!

    Hi, did you receive the award offer today? I received mine about 3hours ago.
  2. HPSP Question??!!

    Wow! it's almost over. I graduate in May 2023. It was supposed to be December, but I'm retaking a class that I failed in Fall (I don't know if this will affect my chances, but I hope not...LOL.). From what I read somewhere, the time period is a min...
  3. HPSP Question??!!

    Sounds great! Congratulations. I believe it's going to be a comprehensive background investigation. I once applied for a job as a TSA, and I filled out a very tedious e86 form for background investigation. It includes your locations, jobs, abroad tri...
  4. HPSP Question??!!

    Hi, have you heard from the VA yet? I applied in August 2021 as well. First I was placed on an "alternate" list, then I received an email this week that I have a pending offer. I don't know what's next after this.
  5. Curry College ACCEL Fall 2021 Plymouth

    @martijanUmass is 12months and way cheaper. You may want to consider those.
  6. Curry College ACCEL Fall 2021 Plymouth

    A letter via email too
  7. Curry College ACCEL Fall 2021 Plymouth

    I just got a letter today. I'm in!
  8. Salem ABSN May 2019

    Hello, I just applied for May 2021 SSU ABSN program. Has anyone applied as well?