What states allow you to challenge the NCLEX-PN?


I am a student nurse & I've passed everything but my last class of the RN program (critical care). Because I failed this class by 2.5 points on my exam, I am unable to graduate & am being asked to take the LPN course & then re-enroll into the RN program after working as a full time LPN for 6 months. I feel that's far too long after I've already spent this long to get my RN! I would like to get my LPN ASAP. I can't find any solid information about it anywhere but I've heard that medics in the military & other RN students have challenged the NCLEX-PN to get their license. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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A poster on another thread said New Hampshire and Vermont allow that, but they're the only two left. Hopefully someone will be able to confirm.

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You might have to look at thr website of each individual state BON. I believe the option to do that have gone the way of the dodo in many states.


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Equivalent education can be submitted in lieu of paid bedside experience for method 3, challenge of LVN in the state of CA. Go to the BVNPT CA website and see the link under licensing. Unfortunately, by the time you could get all of this approved, you most likely could have gone through the entire process and finished your redo of the RN program. Not exaggerating here. Check it out, but be aware that anything dealing with licensing in CA takes forever, no matter what the circumstances. Introduce special situation or a problem and you are asking for even more delay.


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AZ you have to have completed theory and clinical in geri, med/surg, OB, Peds, and psych in order to sit for LPN. My program as OB/Peds in third semester and psych in fourth with critical care so we have to take an LPN 6 week course after block 2 to sit for LPN, but the school my friend goes to has their program set up that you can just sit for LPN after completing either block 2 or block 3 (don't remember which).

Basically, there are states, but submitting your education verification from out of state would take some time. You can try calling the AZ BON (or other states) and just ask if they would allow you to challenge the PN with your current education level.

Also, have you tried to appeal the dismissal to get re admitted to fourth semester so you don't have to completely repeat everything?


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Or maybe, since they take advanced placement students into block 3 who are LPNs, see if you can apply for advanced placement based on you already passing the first and second semester.

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CA method 3 LVN license is not endorsable to other states. NH may still have the option. NJ NY do not. I don't believe PA either. Apparently FL does


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Be aware that, even if another state will allow you to do this on the basis of the portion of RN education you've completed and you get licensed as an LPN in another state, you may run into problems trying to endorse that license into your current state (because you would (still) not meet the educational requirements for LPN licensure in your current state, and that usually still matters even if you have a license from another state). I would check that out with the BON and be sure it would be possible before I put any money or effort into getting an LPN license in another state (unless you're willing to relocate, of course, in which case it wouldn't be an issue).


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Thanks y'all. I think I'm just gonna do the last semester of LPN. Not how I wanted to do this but it seems to be the quickest route to getting licensed.


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ERIKAMARIE...I totally agree with you about going back and finishing your last semester b/c you will learn more and it will be worth your time, the only down fall would be having to pay for the semester but you would probably pay just about that in fees and ext.

Does anyone have any advice for my situation, I completed all the prerequisites for nursing school (which was over 5 years ago) I was accepted and completed 2 semesters of nursing school (therefore I was half done with my BSN RN 4 year degree) I was "expelled" for my ignorant opinions I posted on Facebook. (Which I am sharing with everyone to bring awareness to how social media can literally ruin your life and take what you worked so hard for and punish you so bad) This was the worst thing I have ever gone through. That being said I was thinking about re-applying to nursing schools and starting over or letting them accept what courses were equivalent in their course outline. I am desperate since I am working for low pay as a medical assistant. I have been looking into going back and starting my RN nursing career over but have had no luck since my pre-requesites (anatomy, physiology, micro etc) was over 5 years ago. Therefore, they want me to start ALL OVER AGAIN! Which I refuse to do. So I have been researching LVN programs in Texas, and it appears I would have to go through an accredited LVN school to sit for the boards. I know in Cali and a few other states you can use previous schooling hours and work experience, since I have been a MA for over 10 years.

I am desperate and if anyone could please read this and give me any advice possible and options to paths I could take to eventually get my RN or LVN I would be so honored! PLEASE HELP!



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Hi Erika, I have some questions for challenging the LPN too, if you have the time could we talk further. You can email me: mariathao.ntran@gmail.com. I am unsure how to personally PM you here.


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I also failed nursing during my last semester which has been devastating. Nevertheless, I was lucky to find and successfully challenged the LPN exam through the Florida Board of Nursing. It was actually fast. I sent the application less than a month or so and have already been approved to sit for the NCLEX PN.  I think it was approved fast mainly because I was not eligible to apply for a compact license. However, it is possible to apply for endorsement at your current state after obtaining it, which is what I will do in order to practice in my state. I have already scheduled the exam and just started studying for it. I definitely recommend going with Florida.

Don't hesitate to message me or anybody that needs extra guidance. 

Good luck!! :))