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  1. RN 30 unit option

    I am actually not an RN 30 unit, I am still an LVN. I was just looking into the options that the colleges offered and asked if anyone had ever done the RN 30 unit and if they are working but it sounds like no one has lol.
  2. RN 30 unit option

    Hello, I am currently an LVN in California and have been planning to go back to get my RN. I have been curious about the RN 30 unit option. I understand that you would only be able to use your license in California and it would be on your license on...
  3. When to start applying for jobs

    Hello! I had just recently received my passing letter from the boards and I have paid the 150.00 fee to get my license. I am planning to go up next week to Sacramento to pick up my license. Should I start applying now or next week? Also any interview...
  4. Online associate degree?

    Hello, I have done some of my prerequisites before I left to go into the LVN program at a trade school. I have graduated and I am looking into going to the RN program at a community college near me, but I was wondering if there was online classes I c...
  5. PN NCLEX reviews

    I'll have to check out uworld or maybe I'll do both. Thank you! I'm sure you will pass :)
  6. PN NCLEX reviews

    I think it's a little bit of nerves, me second guessing and I do feel like that maybe I am not understanding how to break down or figure out what the "nclex" questions are asking. I know this test is hard and they want you to critical think, but I th...
  7. PN NCLEX reviews

    Hello there, unforutanetly I did not pass my NCLEX the second time. I am looking into the online programs like hurst, uworld, and Kaplan to see which one is the best. I've been leaning more to the hurst review but if there's any other suggestion, I w...
  8. safety & precaution PN

    This is my second time taking the Nclex PN and one of the areas that I didn't do well on was safety and precautions. I was wondering if anyone knew any good practice questions or strategies I could use to help study?
  9. My 2nd time taking the Nclex PN

    Thank you!
  10. My 2nd time taking the Nclex PN

    Thank you!
  11. My 2nd time taking the Nclex PN

    Hello there, I am a recent graduate and I am taking the NCLEX my second time in 3 weeks. My school had let us use ATI to help us get a "feel" for the nclex but when I took the NCLEX the first time it seemed like the website didn't help out much. I wa...