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Hoosier_RN has 29 years experience as a MSN and specializes in dialysis.

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  1. Hoosier_RN

    What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Considering that it's 100% the truth, I'll encourage it all day
  2. Yep, I'm guilty of the same thing. My good quality/bad fault...I don't allow myself to be treated like a doormat. Assertiveness is great, until TPTB are trying to walk on you, then they call you "hard to work with" and "not a team player". Sorr...
  3. Hoosier_RN

    What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    I wish that I could give this statement a gazillion likes
  4. It's from Feb 26th this year. Not old at all
  5. Hoosier_RN

    To my friend DaveyDo

    If I wasn't working a 13, I'd give a yell for lunch. I'll catch you all one of these days. But have fun driving through my beautiful home state!
  6. Hoosier_RN

    What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    MTG needs to be marched out from her office never to come back, she's a special kinda psycho...Boebert needs someone to pull her aside and let her know that she needs to cool it before she ends up in the same boat. Pelosi, like many in her age group-...
  7. Always a favorite nail biter, as I get my popcorn 🍿
  8. Hoosier_RN

    Allnurses Debates!

    You've made my day! I won't put myself down, too many others have, and I refuse to be there
  9. Hoosier_RN

    Allnurses Debates!

    What if you're Joe Dirt? I've been gigged so many times in life, I feel like I have a permanent skewer through my midsection. I just try not to take stuff too personally. Life's too short, and I'm too old to waste time to worry. Hugs sent
  10. Hoosier_RN

    Allnurses Debates!

    Agreed! A person with a decent personality will debate, with facts, or at least leave emotion out. A good personality will never attack others. We gig at each other on jest though 😉
  11. Hoosier_RN

    Allnurses Debates!

    If it's a topic that I care about, I'll debate it to the death. If it doesn't interest me, I'll scroll on by. I've had my skills and intelligence questioned, simply because my beliefs don't align with another poster's. Not worth my effort. But I do o...
  12. I prefer a good German double or triple bock bier. One of the first things, after coffee, that I missed when I came back home to the States
  13. Hoosier_RN

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Odd that you say home health pays less than hospital. In all my years, and even now, hospitals in my area pay less than any setting, and the 5 area hospitals don't use travelers.
  14. Depending on when you started, that could be done. Many new grads coming out with limited job prospects, and will take/have to take what's offered. Many moons ago (1993) when I started, grads pretty much named their specialty and were picked immediat...