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J G has 3 years experience as a CNA and specializes in CNA.

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  1. If you have CNA license you can work registry and make good money. I worked 1 year (10 months Acute care and 2 months LTC) and got in with a great registry/travel agency. I live in So Cal, currently making 30+ an hour as a CNA, working 36+hrs/week as...
  2. Anyone take entrance exam for UAV in Lancaster California for this coming 12/06/21 start date? I took the test 11/16/21. I thought it was pretty easy, but I’ve taken RN program prerequisites (almost all expired!). if anyone is interest...
  3. J G

    Unitek Bakersfield BSN Program

    Wondering how the lvn to BSN is going for those that started last year? Anyone have a AA or AS along with LVN a and prerequisites done? I’m aiming to get into LVN program at an adult school, then would like to bridge LVN to BSN at unitek. Wondering t...