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  1. JKL33

    Broke My HCA Contract

    It's kinda not like that.
  2. JKL33

    Two-Headed Snake Bully Nurse

    That is an interesting assessment given that you don't know what we have or haven't experienced. Pressured to drink mystery coffee? No, you're right I would never have experienced that because they can't pressure me in that way. But had my patie...
  3. JKL33

    Daylight Savings - Are You Ready to Spring Forward?

    I 💛 DST, absolutely love it.
  4. JKL33

    Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    1. Yes 2. No It's simple, change mental gears: You are leaving to go toward something good. Life is too short to waste on others' pettiness and problems that you can't fix and don't need to fix. Very often the thing that would tempora...
  5. JKL33

    Seeking Constructive Feedback

    "Well, there's your first problem..." 🙊 Anyway...I can't see myself being in this situation. I would've headed it off long before anyone touched my hands. Either my help is needed or it isn't and I would be direct, though without any intention ...
  6. JKL33

    Two-Headed Snake Bully Nurse

    Any good reason to think the ex-coworker isn't the chief pot-stirrer? In any case I agree completely with those advising you ignore/go on as if you know nothing. The types of people who perpetuate this type of nonsense are some of the most pitif...
  7. And that would generally be illegal in the case of probably the majority of people reading this. https://www.nlrb.gov/about-nlrb/rights-we-protect/your-rights/your-rights-to-discuss-wages ETA: UGH. Glad I clarified that 10 years...
  8. I remember once questioning a coworker who was leaving the ED for outpatient. She had several years' ED experience on me and was one of the best nurses I've worked with, so I was disappointed that she was leaving. I was also naïve enough that I truly...
  9. JKL33

    Wanting to get trained in ICU. Have I messed up?

    The poster isn't talking about sick pay, they are referring to the idea that in addition to the orientation being cut short because the hospital wanted them to take a full assignment due to poor staffing, the training shifts missed for mandatory covi...
  10. JKL33

    Change Triage/ESI After Visit Complete

    No it is not right. If the work-up is eventually overkill or otherwise not appropriate, that is not your problem or your concern as the person performing the triage. The process of assigning ESI is not meant to be influenced by knowledge of indi...
  11. JKL33

    A Sticky Wicket

    I wrote out an answer but erased and have a question instead. Are these two fine specimens of humanity actually employed by or affiliated with a covered entity?
  12. JKL33

    Charting Inquiry

    Tough situation. No specific recommendations but you could consider carefully choosing an appropriate nursing diagnosis (yes, I just said that 😮🤭) and documenting your assessments and interventions being careful to be objective and use professio...
  13. JKL33

    Feeling Unvalued

    Don't forget to make sure your legislators know that your hospital routinely makes decisions that encourage RN turn-over while hospital systems are spontaneously complaining about the cost of temporary/contract nursing staff. 🤡 🤷🏽‍♀️
  14. JKL33

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    They work under the direction and supervision of the provider. They are not nursing assistants so it's different than inpatient/ED where everything a tech/NA does has supposedly been delegated by an RN and and RN is ultimately responsible to see that...
  15. JKL33

    Will I Lose My License? | Knowledge is Power

    I understand this has been a chronic concern and the idea that one could lose one's license, in theory, is not always realistic as applied to scenarios people are worried about. That said, no one wants to be messed with, no one wants to appear b...