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  1. Athens Tech PN- Spring 2022

    Hey I was wondering if anybody else has gotten accepted into the PN program for Spring 2022. If so lets all chat and answer questions if we need to.
  2. Athens Tech LPN program Spring 2020

    Hello, I noticed that I haven't seen any topics on the PN program at Athens Tech and I wanted to start one to see if anyone has applied and just connect with other students.
  3. Georgia Piedmont Tech 2021

    Was it an email or an actual letter? And congratulations also
  4. Ga Highlands Nursing Program 2021 Fall

    Hello, I was thinking of applying here next year. However do they really require you to have your CNA license before you can apply? I work a PCA right now but don't have my license.
  5. Georgia Piedmont Tech 2021

    I know I'm late to the thread, but has anyone heard from anyone about the admission letters?
  6. GSU Perimeter College Nursing Spring 2018

    If anyone is looking for a facebook page, its called Georgia State University-Perimeter Nursing class of 2020.
  7. GSU Perimeter College Nursing Spring 2018

    Has anyone started a facebook page or anything for our nursing class?
  8. Georgia State Perimeter (GPC) Fall 2017

    Hi everyone i just found this forum, but i got my acceptance letter a little while ago. i would love to be added to the fb group. My name on fb is Winter Pinke