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azcna has 3 years experience and specializes in LTC, Rehab, CCU, Alzheimers, Med-Surg.

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  1. Spectrum, Saint Mary's ratios

    Hi all! I'm a nurse from Arizona looking to work in Grand Rapids over the summer. I was wondering if anyone could clue me in on the local hospitals, mainly Spectrum and Saint Mary's. I have med-surg, neuro, and plastics experience. What's the ratio ...
  2. New Grad Salary

    LPN new grad in LTC in 2012 was 22/hr. RN with ASN new grad in a hospital in 2014 is 29/hr plus 6/hr night shift. Both in AZ/Phoenix
  3. Help please!!!!!!lpn

    A 55 on what?
  4. Does Nursing School=No Life Literally?

    During my LPN program I had class for 8 hours a day four days a week, and my school was 45 minutes away. I also worked two 12 hour shifts per week , leaving one "day off" a week. In the beginning of the program I would basically come home and study t...
  5. I worked weekend doubles for a while as an LPN while going to RN school full time. I also had a PRN job (12's) on the side. It was hard, but the only way that I could afford to get through school with no debt. I agree with the other posters, once yo...
  6. What do RN's want out of CNA's

    Just the fact that you have that attitude almost guarantees that you'll be a good aide! Personally, I want my aides to notify me of changes, like the other nurses mentioned. Beyond that and safety, just act like a responsible adult. For example, don'...
  7. What area of the country are you in? Do you know anybody that works for a nursing home? Did you apply to the place you did your clinicals at?
  8. Stress of being an LTC aide CNA just too great for the pay!

    Try to go easy on us nurses :) I never understood why nurses were so crabby until I became one! The nurses generally want vitals by a certain time so that they can give meds (b/p meds, dig. etc). If meds are not given on time this messes the whole da...
  9. New health care laws and our jobs.

    All facilities are going to have to make changes, especially if there is legislation that forces business to purchase something, or forces them to do something without being paid (such as mandatory emergency tx regardless of pay). Some of this can be...
  10. New health care laws and our jobs.

    Why would big businesses want an "excuse to cut back", TheCommuter?
  11. New grad. How to land my first job? Please help

    Isn't that the hospital where multiple infants died of suspicious digoxin overdoses?
  12. BP situation

    It's different in LTC because the primary nurse generally "knows" the residents pretty well health wise. You know who your brittle diabetics are, or the ones who always run high/always run low. You know who's B/P should be checked before meds (everyb...
  13. Seeking advice from experienced RNs

    What is your Associates Degree in? And why are you getting that if you want to go into nursing? I may have missed something. I'm not an RN yet, but I'm an LPN in a bridge program and I can tell you that jobs are hard to come by, so having CNA experie...
  14. RN pre req GPA

    I would also recommend, as many others already have, getting A's in your remaining pre-reqs. Re-taking A&P isn't a bad idea either, because you really have to know that stuff! It will come in handy all throughout school and your nursing career if...
  15. I have to disagree with the above posters. Nursing schools look at your science classes, and other classes like algebra that they require as pre-reqs. The schools I applied to couldn't care less that I failed technical writing, took psych and algebr...