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  1. Where do they find these clinical instructors?

    This term I have the CI from HELL! She calls in all the time so we end up with different subs that are great teachers but most of them don't know the facility or the students. Are are not familiar with our daily routine so they take it from our act...
  2. What to expect?!

    My goal was originally to become a PA but once I got started researching the local schools in my area had wait list so I switched to nursing and went to a vocational school to become a LVN. Now I want to be a NP. Look into it and see what you think...
  3. WGU PreLicense Hopefuls Summer of 2013

    Thanks! That's much better than dealing with the books. Once I take the one I have a book for now, I'll sign up for once of those sites. Thank you very much!
  4. WGU PreLicense Hopefuls Summer of 2013

    Thanks for the advice. I'm studying for my first CLEP now and want to know that out in May and move on to the next one.
  5. Thoughts on WGU

    I'm so thrilled to hear that. I can't wait to get in myself. Good luck to you and your wife.
  6. Can't Pass NCLEX, So What Jobs Can I Get With My Nursing Degree?

    I'm sorry so many were so disparaging but I hope you don't give up. Anyway, I could imagine if you go into healthcare with your experience your BSN (if that's what you have) would be very valuable.
  7. Which is easier - LPN or RN?

    Although my program is part-time, I still feel like I'm not retaining anything. We are in class half the time that the full-time students are but we still just swallow the info and regurgitate it for the test. I believe the ATI will be handy for ...
  8. Thoughts on WGU

    Hi Fcat, Congrats on getting into the program. No I'm not a seventh day adventist I just really like their program. Although I've always wanted to go to a christian college so hopefully I can go to either Loma Linda or Azusa pacific university. Lo...
  9. WGU pre licensure program understanding is that since they have clinicals in some of the best hospitals in area that it's not an issue. As for WGU as opposed to West Coast University, West doesn't have such a good rep along with the fact that they recently got c...
  10. This is great to hear for those of us who have that problem.
  11. Pre-Licensure -Application Process Questions

  12. WGU PreLicense Hopefuls Summer of 2013

    Anyone? Bueller, Bueller?
  13. Thoughts on WGU

    I'm currently in the beginning process of acceptance for WGU. My understand is that the 3.0 gpa is on a scale of 3.0 instead of the traditional 4.0. Loma Linda University will recongize and accept the BSN from WGU which is where I'd like to go some...
  14. Which is easier - LPN or RN?

    I think it depends on the type of program you take if it's full-time or part-time. I'm in a vocational LVN program PT and yes it's very easy to balance our life and still work full-time. I believe my school is starting an ADN program and if they of...
  15. Facts Throwing

    Well congrats, I hope you did well.