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  1. Pre-employment physical -uds

    I wouldn't say anything to my employer, or write down any meds you are taking. If something shows up in your drug screen, the testing company will call you, then they will call the pharmacy to confirm that you have a valid prescription filled within ...
  2. post hire medical exam

    :no:Do NOT discose anything you don't have to. If you can do the job you were hired for, then they don't need to know. They may not take the offer back, but they may find another way to get rid of you. Employers are not concerned about you. They ar...
  3. Trying to get into RN program

    I woud definitely go the BSN route. You already have an AA, so it would take you about the same amount of time as an ADN to finish. If I had to do it all over again, that's the route I would have taken. More opportunities, and many hospitals are sta...
  4. Is BSN required to work in Canada?

    I'm an American RN but don't have my BSN. Is it required? Has anyone transferred from US to Canada? What is the process? Thanks!
  5. Can't find job as New grad RN in WA!! Please help~

    Have you looked the US heading here at AN? You can look at your specific state. Some good information there.
  6. Man with Law Degree Considering Nursing

    One option you may want to consider - legal nurse consultant. I read about this specialty in nursing magazines. From what I've learned, there is a demand for this type of nurse
  7. St. Josephs in Bellingham, any insight?

    Does anyone have any current information on St. Josephs in Bellingham? I see tons of listings for job openings on the worksource website. What is the best/worst dept. to work in? Do the vacancies fill up fast? I'm experienced in, but it has been abo...
  8. Seattle U vs. Highline vs. Bellevue?

    I would go the BSN route. I went ADN and if I had to do it over again would have gone the other way. It would have taken a little longer, but it would be worth it. (If you add up the time it takes for pre-reqs and co-reqs for ADN it takes 3 years or ...
  9. burned bridges what to put on job application

    I guess I didn't really mean "burned bridges" I had a very difficult time with my preceptor. She was very critical. Had only been out of school a year, but super confident. My weakness is not standing up for myself with more authorative type personal...
  10. burned bridges what to put on job application

    Where are the needs? Where I live, just a few miles from a nursing school, jobs are hard to come by. I would gladly relocate. Any tips??:)
  11. What does one put on an application if your last position didn't work out? Or if you "burned bridges?" If you know you won't get the best reference from your last place of employment? Not because of any mistakes but it just wasn't a good fit?
  12. Stumbled in here...

    There is a nurses in recovery place under "nurses" heading here that's good
  13. Working from Home: advice?

    Where would one go to find these positions?
  14. That's interesting. Although I don't know where you could find the answer except google it? Your post got me thinking.. I came from a "normal" family. My parents did not drink or do drugs. But my mothers father was a recovering alcoholic as was her b...
  15. Orienting a new hire - issues

    When people feel threatened, they sometimes get "defensive" She knows you have the power that could cost her her job. Have you ever thought about the way you communicate? Do you talk to people in their 40's the same as you talk to 20 somethings? Do ...