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PMFB-RN has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in burn ICU, SICU, ER, Trauma Rapid Response.

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  1. PMFB-RN

    ICU NURSES/OTHER NURSES Dealing with COVID patients

    In my unit we had two fully vaccinated people die of COVID. One had advanced leukemia and a trashed immune system. The other was a healthy young (31) man who came in to our ED with SOB and was dead less than four days later. Had our docs stumped and ...
  2. PMFB-RN

    I'm Done

    Nothing I said suggested or implied hatred towards the unvaxxed or anyone else and it's dishonest of you to falsely accuse me of hating. You have been consistently dishonest in this discussions, completely fabricating lies several times. ...
  3. There were two studies presented at a Wisconsin AACN conference I attended back in (I think) 2012 that supported smaller is better. Unfortunately I took the information I needed and have no memory of what the studies were called. I do remember that o...
  4. Even though smaller is better when administering vasoactive drips in a PIV, I naturally assumed that the small bore IV would not be a critical patients only access. Two 18ga in place until a central line can be placed and then Ill add a small bore fo...
  5. PMFB-RN

    Infuriating Code Status Changes

    Did you consider calling the cops and trying to get staff charged with battery? Something I would have definitely considered.
  6. PMFB-RN

    Infuriating Code Status Changes

    Nearly every advanced directive I've ever encountered was totally useless. Containing useless terms like "persistent vegetative state", or "brain dead". As if your body can't rot away in the ICU in the absence of brain death. My advanced dire...
  7. PMFB-RN

    Clinical Rotation In COVID Unit

    Traditional nursing students don't do clinical on our covid wards. But some, like those assigned to a primary preceptor in accelerated BSN programs, take whatever patient their preceptor takes. They get fit tested by the hospital and N95 mask are (no...
  8. PMFB-RN

    Does the federal Covid mandates apply to homecare nurses?

    Babylon Bee is fake news.
  9. Nodays with small portable bedside ultrasound machines I can pretty much put and IV wherever I prefer it.
  10. PMFB-RN

    Docs & Nurses = Murderers

  11. When running vasopressors in PIVs smaller is better. "Hemodilution is the solution" You want a relatively small catheter in a relatively large vein. Blood flow around the catheter helps deliver the medication where it's needed, and reduces ve...
  12. PMFB-RN

    Infuriating Code Status Changes

    Been there, doing that right now. This is why we have slow codes. Oh I know the ethics people always get their underpants in a bunch when I mention a slow code, but curiously they are never around when we could really use an ethics team, as d...
  13. PMFB-RN

    Docs & Nurses = Murderers

    Obviously I'm dismayed at how evile these people are and showing how we are targets of evil, deranged people now.
  14. PMFB-RN

    Docs & Nurses = Murderers

    Exactly. Nailed it.
  15. PMFB-RN

    Docs & Nurses = Murderers

    Scott Quiner Update: Criminal Investigation Into Doctors, How They’re KILLING, Payoffs for MURDER!